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Hi, Im Dr Ahmed Ashfaq, Orthodontist at Alux Dental. I was a gold medalist both in my undergrad and post grad. Having completed my masters from the prestigious GDC Hyderabad I also stood 1st in my state MDS entrance examinations.

Choosing Orthodontics as my speciality was quite easy, as I’ve always been a perfectionist. It was a match made in heaven. I specialise in diagnosing, preventing and treating various malalignments of teeth, be it spaces between your teeth, crowded teeth, protruded teeth, underbites etc, I treat them all. Orthodontic treatments may seem like a never-ending journey.

But I believe in utilising the latest cutting-edge technology to achieve faster and efficient tooth movement, so that the patient is off of braces in no time. To achieve these goals we at ALUX DENTAL use top of the line braces including Damon self-ligating metal and ceramic systems and the very popular invisible braces like Invisalign along with devices like Propel and Vpro5 to accelerate the tooth movement process.

Being a good orthodontist is not just about aligning the teeth into their proper positions. It’s about having an eye for detail and an understanding of how the soft tissues drape around your teeth. Instilling the much-needed confidence in people and seeing them take on the world, gives me the motivation in turn to walk that extra mile for always ensuring patients wellbeing and comfort. So, Hyderabad, Brace Yourself, coz this smile architect is all set to enhance your beautiful smile.

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