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My Name is Dr. Nada Mir. Im a dental graduate from Hyderabad and a clinical coordinator at ALUX DENTAL.

Excellence and Integrity have always been the guiding principles dictating my life. Coordination with my clients and doctors comes to me as an extension of my being. I believe that the consciousness of quality and the need to demand it are fundamentals for excellence and I take pride in knowing that we deliver nothing short of just that.

At ALUX me and my team of doctors celebrate dentistry. Exemplary skills complimented with innovative technology is our forte. I have a deep rooted responsibility towards my patients. I have always believed in a championing transparency and trust when it comes to my clients. Satisfied smiles galvanise my energies more than anything. And as a liaison I take it up on myself to personally ensure not just seamless service, but an extraordinary experience.

“In the end, the attempt for excellence is what sustains the most well lived, satisfying and successful lives” and Meryl Streep couldn’t have put it any better

I look forward to meeting you at ALUX DENTAL.

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