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I am Dr.Sarah, a periodontist and gum surgeon by profession.

I have done my bachelors and masters in periodontics from Sri Sai college of dental surgery. I believe in modern periodontal practices focusing on treatment modalities with great prognostic scores.

I provide excellence in periodontal services ranging from prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease, gum surgeries and laser treatments. Management of bad breath with a multidimensional approach has allowed me help my patients embark on a confidence journey. Sculpting bone and restoring physiological architecture of the lost bone, due to gum disease through bone grafting procedures is also what I excel at.

Cosmetic gum enhancements and the restoration of smiles allow me to explore  the diametric possibilities of periodontics which isn’t inhibited by only teeth & gums. Committed to being updated with the latest advances in periodontics helps me deliver the highest quality of treatment.

Incorporating class leading technologies like Gemini dual pulse laser and Piezo surgical unit at ALUX DENTAL allow me to deliver the excellence you deserve.

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