Nothing can be more embarrassing than a bad breath, the feeling of foul smell emanating from ones breath can be really detrimental, both socially and emotionally.

There can be a lot of reasons other than poor oral hygiene. Following few are common causes of halitosis or bad breath:

  • Poor Dental Hygiene – When trapped food particles between your teeth, bacteria gets busy breaking it down, leaving behind putrid gases that smell like rotten eggs. The easy way to detect if one has bad breath due to poor oral hygiene is to floss and smell the thread. If the floss stinks then you’ll surely know your smell is toxic.
    Remedy : Brush twice daily, floss regularly and visit a dentist periodically.
  • The food we eat – When you eat sulphur rich food the breath can be foul, coffee, garlic, fish, eggs, onion and spicy food should be avoided especially if one has a social calling. According to Academy of General Dentistry, the allyl methyl sulphide in coffee, onions and garlic can stay in bloodstream upto 72 hours and is expelled via ones breath.
    Remedy : Avoid sulphur rich and smelly food
  • Low Carb Diet – Eating a lot of protein and minimising carbohydrate consumption forces your body to ketosis. This happens when your body begins to burn fat cells for energy. The process creates waste products called ketones, this foul smelling compound is expelled via breath and urine. Ketone smell is peculiar and compares to rotten fruit.
    Remedy : Balanced diet
  • Mouth Breather – During sleep salivary production reduces by half, that’s why we all wake up with a bad breath, mouth breathing further dries out mouth, making your breath even more foul. This also changes the pH of saliva making it more acidic which intern can make ones breath, foul.
    Remedy : Mouth breathing could be due to underlying causes like nasal polyps, sleep apnea etc getting to know the root cause can help.
  • Medication – A lot of medications especially antihypertensives, medicines used to treat depression, anxiety, pain and muscle tension can dry mouth making it acidic which intern can lead to bad breath.
    Remedy : Use these medicines moderately and cautiously
  • Habits like Alcohol and Smoking – Both, smoking and alcohol dry mouth, change the pH of saliva, make your mouth acidic and in case of alcohol the end product is ketone which gets expelled through breath
    Remedy : Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Underlying Medical Condition – Acid reflux, GERD, Diabetes and serious illnesses like cancer can be the reason one has bad breath.

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