Oral Prophylaxis or Dental Prophylaxis is preventive care of teeth and surrounding structures. There are two aspects of prevention, at-home care, and in-office care.

Generally, hygiene and care do tackle prevention in their own way and the emphasis on dental education has definitely influenced society. Conditions like Pyorrhoea and necrotising dental abscess are declining thanks to periodic dental checkups. Dentists in India are able to keep a check on severe debilitating dental disorders by controlling infections and preventing such incidences with prophylactic care.

Oral Prophylaxis in Hyderabad


An in-office procedure which should to be the first line of treatment before any comprehensive dental procedure. Teeth Scaling & Polishing ensures good oral hygiene, is fundamental to initiate any dental procedure and prevents most of the dental and gum diseases. ALUX DENTAL an exquisite Dental clinic in India has highly trained and experienced dental hygienist rendering scaling and polishing. We use state-of-the-art Piezo Scalers with medicated irrigants to clean teeth, de-scale calculi and flush of plaque and debris.


In individuals with deep periodontal pockets or severely damaged gums our dental hygienist and Periodontist in India recommend deep scaling and root planing. Deep scaling and root planing removes sub gingival plaque and calculus, root planing cleanses root from calculus and granulation tissue.


Periodontist in India at ALUX DENTAL is equipped with the state-of-the art Piezo Surgery units which optimises post procedural periodontal inflammation and delivers most effective results. Our Periodontists are trained to offer solutions which are conservative, minimally invasive and most of all optimised to deliver precise care.

How often one needs to get their teeth cleaned professionally?

In-office cleaning of teeth is called scaling and polishing. It is recommended to get scaling and polishing once in six months. Diabetic, epileptic, and Hypertensive individuals are advised to seek periodontal help once in a quarter. Individuals with special needs do require periodic dental evaluation.

Is there any special home care after scaling & polishing?

After scaling & polishing teeth tend to be slightly sensitive which usually subsides gradually. Avoiding extremely hot & cold food and colouring agents is recommended. Cola’s, smoking and alcohol if avoided is always better.

Are there any side effects of flap surgery?

Periodontists in India, utilise clinical diagnosis and radiographic evidence to prescribe flap surgery in patients with deep pockets, bone defects and periodontal disorders. Hence flap surgery isn’t for all and if prescribed then the periodontist will optimise the surgery in order to achieve maximum results with minimal damage.

How to Brush Your Teeth :

Kids : For kids under the age 5 an assistance from parents is recommended since fine motor functions are yet developing. However, a circular motion is easy for kids to maneuver. This motion can later be modified easily to adult brushing technique. Change of a tooth brush once is 45 days is a must. Avoid using fluoridated toothpaste under the age group 0 to 6years. Motorised Tooth Brush is also a welcome especially in kids with a special need.

Adults: At ALUX DENTAL our expert panel of Dentist in India recommend the following brushing technique. Always start from the right upper back most tooth. Place the toothbrush at an angle so that the bristles gently rest under the gum and sweep down. 20 sweeps down at each area ( any toothbrush, covers three teeth at a time ) then move to the other three teeth. Complete cleaning upper teeth then start from lower right back most teeth, placing brush again at an angle resting the bristles under the gum, now sweep upwards from the gum. 20 sweeps upward for lower teeth moving from one to another area. After cleaning lower and upper teeth hold the brush vertically and clean upper teeth on the backside (lingual side) downward 5 sweeps between two teeth till you complete all upper teeth. For lower teeth on the backside (towards tongue) 5 sweeps upwards between two teeth till you complete all. Then finally scrub chewing surface of the teeth a couple of times to complete brushing.

An important point to note :

  • Brushing should not last more than 3 to 5 minutes
  • Scrubbing is never recommended either horizontal or vertical (just sweep motion)
  • Do not scrub on chewing surface more than a couple of times as the bristles flare and tooth brush becomes ineffective
  • Change a tooth brush once in 45 days
  • Brushing only cleans your teeth… NEVER MAKES IT WHITER, SO NO AGGRESSIVE BRUSHING!

How to Floss Your Teeth :

It is very important to incorporate flossing as good oral hygiene measure. Flossing ensures all your tooth surfaces are totally cleaned. Remember brushing always leaves 40% of your teeth uncleaned as brush cannot clean in between teeth. Floss or interdental aids like Waterpik can only clean in between teeth. Flossing Technique : Our Periodontist in India recommend use of a mini-floss which is very easy to use unlike conventional floss. Holding the handle of mini-floss gently slide the waxed thread in between teeth gliding along the surface of the tooth. Repeat the same along the surface of other tooth. A floss cleans two surfaces of two teeth when introduced between. Always gently pass it all the way up till the gums. Novel interdental aids like Waterpik Floss are way to easy means of maintaining oral hygiene especially if you are wearing braces. Dental Health and Your Diet : Oral health is a window to your actual health. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is not only healthy but also a social norm. What you eat also has a significant impact on your teeth and overall dental health.

Do’s & Don’t

  • Avoid too much snacking
  • Avoid extremely hot and cold stuff
  • High acidic food not only affects your teeth but also harmful for your body
  • Avoid sticky food in the night

In the age of technology, dentistry hasn’t been behind. There has been a remarkable advancement in dentistry in the last two decades. Whether it’s the Stem Cell Regeneration or Invisalign or Laser Dentistry or the very recent 3D printed Dental Implants the research and development in dentistry is advancing in a very quick pace. The results of which are the reason we are leading a healthier and meaningful life.

Advanced Dentistry in Hyderabad

Laser Dentistry

Dentists started using lasers about two decades back in the early 90’s. Today Lasers are used in various dental procedures like…

  • Laser in treating Tooth Decay – Hard Tissue lasers like Er:YAG and Nd:YAG have surpassed conventional rotary drills. Helps in clearing the decay and sterilising the surrounding sound dentin
  • Laser for Gum Disease – Soft Tissue Diode Lasers are effective in killing bacteria through heat generation. Apart from sterilising the tissues, lasers also coagulate the tissues thereby minimising bleeding and thus promotes healing.
  • Laser for Tissue Reshaping and Removal – Soft Tissue Lasers are frequently used for Crown Lengthening, Gum Resurfacing to reduce pigmentation and for excision of growth and anatomical defects.

Laser Dentistry at Alux Dental

At ALUX DENTAL we use the ultra-modern dual wavelength 20 watt ( very powerful ) Gemini Laser.

This unique dual wavelength of Gemini Laser is US FDA approved for the following indications…

  • Exposure of unerupted teeth
  • Biopsy
  • Frenectomy & Frenotomy
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Root Canal Sterilisation
  • Excision of soft tissue growths
  • Incision & coagulation in surgeries

Is Laser Dental Treatment safe?

Yes, in fact laser dental treatments are US FDA approved for most of the dental procedures.

How does Laser Dental Treatment fare in comparison to conventional dental treatment?

Laser Dental Treatment is less painful, minimal bleeding or no bleeding, promotes quick healing and also sterilises surrounding tissues.

Is Laser Root Canal Treatment more effective than Conventional RCT?

Conventional Root Canal Treatment aided by laser is definitely more effective as it kills bacteria with heat and achieves complete sterilisation of the root canal.

What is the cost of Laser Root Canal Treatment in India?

Cost of Laser Root Canal Treatment is usually the same as Conventional RCT or slightly expensive.

What precautions do I take after Laser Dental Treatment?

Basically after a laser dental treatment the advised precautions are the same as any conventional dental treatments like use of anti-inflammatory and cold compressions both of which promote healing.


Use of a microscope in dentistry ascertains precision. As the name suggests all details are visualised at microscopic level hence the results achieved are precise and well defined. In Microscope assisted Root Canal Treatment an endodontist can visualise the canal very clearly, negotiate the canal well & hence can achieve a 3D seal without any gaps. Microscope also allows predictions and prognosis reports as one can visualise in realtime-live and magnified images.


Our trained Microscope Endodontist is hands on with these procedures, has an experience of almost 10years in microscope assisted surgeries. The microscope used at Alux Dental comes with Carl Zeiss optics, the best in image quality. Our dental chairs too are programmable to microscope dentistry standards. Our drive to deliver excellence is encompassed by great skills, remarkable technology, five star rated dental products and class leading etiquettes.

Is microscope assisted root canal treatment better than conventional root canal treatment?

Yes, since the root canals are clearly visualised and microscope allows magnification, the cleaning, shaping and filling of root canal treatment can be better.

Is microscope assisted root canal expensive than conventional root canal treatment?

Marginally yes, as the microscope root canal treatments are all about precision and excellence.

What dental procedures are commonly performed under microscope?

  • Microscope Root Canal Treatment
  • Microscope Apical Surgeries
  • Microscope assisted surgeries


Medically referred as CBCT or Cone Beam Computed Tomography is an advancement in dentistry in the recent years. CBCT has revolutionised dental treatment planning especially in Dental Implant Surgery and other Jaw Correction Surgeries. One can, not only visualise the anatomy in all three dimensions but also plan, simulate and modulate surgeries based on the three dimensional visualisation.

Does a CBCT help in Dental Implant Surgery?

Definitely, a three dimensional view of one’s existing bone & anatomical structure help visualise, plan and pre-empt surgeries in a more precise and optimised manner. Dental Implant Surgery has become very successful as an oral surgeon can plan the procedure well with the help of a CBCT.


Yes, CBCT is a 3D visualisation whereas OPG is a panoramic 2D image.

What is the cost of CBCT in Bangalore?

CBCT is marginally expensive than an OPG and the cost of CBCT depends on the field of view but on an average 3000 to 4000 INR is the cost of CBCT in Bangalore

In children, teeth are so important especially during their growing age, they not only help in chewing, biting & grinding but also play a very vital role in phonetics and overall wellbeing. Loosing teeth at an early age can impact a child physically, socially and psychologically. A Pediatric Dentist is a child’s tooth fairy, guarding his/her teeth, ensuring prime oral hygiene and influencing good dental hygiene etiquettes.

pediatric dentistry In Hyderabad

At ALUX DENTAL our Pediatric Dentist focuses on making your child feel comfortable with dental treatments apart from educating the importance of good oral hygiene & rendering optimised dental solutions. The dental operatory is kids friendly with playful & pleasing colour palettes, children play zone and ceiling mounted televisions for distraction. We also have installed latest children’s compliant gadgetry which is not only enticing but also informative.

Pediatric Dental Treatments at Alux Dental

  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Pit & Fissure Sealants
  • Cosmetic Restorations
  • Extraction of Shedding Teeth
  • Serial Extraction for Orthodontics
  • Oral Hygiene & Prophylactic Measures
  • Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Corrections


  • Nursing Bottle Caries Treatment
  • Rampant Caries Treatment
  • Habit Breaking Appliances
  • Maxillary Expansion Devis
  • Functional Appliances for Jaw Bone Correction
  • Sports Guard for Games.Space Maintainers
  • Treatment for Halitosis or Treatment for Bad Breath in Children


Pediatric Dentistry

Do I need to see a Pediatric Dentist in Bangalore or Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad for my child’s dental problem?

Our Pediatric Dentist in Bangalore or Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad is trained to handle children, make them totally comfortable and instils confidence in a child to accommodate dental treatments. Though General Dentists are also trained but the expertise of a Pediatric Dentist are far more superior in handling children’s dental concerns.

My child has all her front teeth decayed, what is the cause and what is the recommended treatment?

If a child’s upper anterior teeth are decayed with lower teeth not affected then it’s a classic Nursing Bottle Caries. Our Pediatric Dentist will be able to offer comprehensive solution to this dynamic condition through restorations, prophylaxis and dental education.

My child’s molar teeth are repeatedly getting decayed can I prevent it?

Yes, helping your child with brushing twice daily and getting him a dental appointment with a Pediatric Dentist will be a great help. Deeper grooves on molar teeth are more susceptible to decay as they kind of lodge food particles which attract bacteria. Filling such deeper groves with a pit & fissure sealant can prevent decay.

How often one needs to visit a Pediatric Dentist in Bangalore or Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad to get their child’s teeth inspected?

Since growth is so dynamic getting a child reviewed by a Pediatric Dentist once in three to six months is recommended. Not only the teeth are shedding and getting replaced even the jaws are growing which kind of increases the chances of anomaly either in relation to teeth or jaws or teeth to jaws. Any irregularity can be totally prevented if periodically inspected.

Who is the Best Pediatric Dentist in Bangalore or Best Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad?

There are many Pediatric Dentists in Bangalore and Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad but one with whom your child is totally comfortable, is the Best Pediatric Dentist in Bangalore or Best Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad.

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