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A unique advancement in the field of Prosthetic dentistry is the ability to completely replace missing teeth. This is possible by the use of screw-like cylindrical structures called a dental implant. They take up less space in the mouth thereby providing advanced stability and greater chewing ability with increased sensation of taste.

First visit: –

    Your dental team comprising of an oral implantologist, periodontist and a prosthodontist, will evaluate your oral health and medical history based on which you will be provided a definitive treatment plan which will best suit your needs.

Dental Implant Procedure

Assessment and Planning: –

The implantologist will evaluate the quality and density of the jaw bone where the dental implant has to placed. This is done with help of 3-D CT scan on the mouth. Also, an oral measurement is taken to assess the location for the placement of the implant. If bone loss is extensive then new bone graftis added by the dentist prior to implant placement.

Treatment procedure: –

As this is a surgical process ensure that you are clear with your treatment procedure to avoid anxiousness. A variety of medications including analgesics and sedatives offer a pain-free experience.

The first step includes removal of any teeth indicated for extraction followed by implant placement and the artificial tooth prosthesis. The implants are left undisturbed for a few months which causes proper healing of adjacent bone and gums.

Maintenance and follow up:

It is highly essential to maintain good oral health by regular brushing and flossing. This along with regular dental check-up will protect your new teeth call ALUX Dental at Hyderabad to schedule a consultation today.

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