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We, dentists, have seen this happen so often where patients walk into the clinic with severe tooth pain or sensitivity. It has come to the point where only when the tooth troubles you, you see your dentist. The more you wait, the more extensive the damage, not only to your tooth but to your wallet as well. 

Let’s all be warier about the damages and change the way we look at teeth. The right way to go about this is to see your dentist every 6 months, all you need is a good cleaning, regular check-ups that will be done both clinically and radiographically at Alux Dental, Hyderabad.

If we notice you are not maintaining your teeth, we will help you do a better job so that you don’t end up spending money on expensive treatments.

Below are a few of the problems you will notice if you wait too long:

1. Bleeding Gums: Brushing at home twice a day is just not enough, you need to get a cleaning done by your dentists every 6 months. Your gums tend to get irritated, inflamed, and bleed because of the food that gets stuck. You won’t be able to see this build-up happen and that is why it gets unnoticed by most of you.

But over the years this pushes your gums making them weaker.

2. Cavities: If you notice discoloration on your teeth, you know that it’s probably a cavity. The simplest way to treat this is to do a filling. But by the time you come to see us, it has already crossed this stage most of the time, which means the decay is deep and is so close to the nerve of your tooth that doing a filling is not an option anymore.

That’s when we advise a Root canal treatment. But you could have gotten away with it if you had just come to visit us every 6 months for your routine check-up.

Common Dental Problems

3. Tooth Loss: Delaying seeing your dentist can only lead to more expensive replacement options. A dental bridge replacing 1 or 2 teeth or an implant replacing 1 to all your teeth, or even a denture could be your replacement options depending on how late you decided to wait and how many teeth you have lost.

Save yourself the trouble of spending on expensive treatments when you can very well maintain your oral hygiene and teeth by minimally spending on maintenance every 6 months.

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