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Valentine’s day is around the corner and you must have probably made the “ to-do list” ranging from heart-shaped chocolates to cards, teddy’s, roses, dinner dates also hugs and kisses to celebrate love.

We at ALUX DENTAL, want you to celebrate this Valentine’s without any hitch by sharing few tips to help you maintain your mouth in good health and kiss worthy.

Dental Care Tips - Valentine's Day

Wear your best smile:

A beautiful bright smile makes one more attractive and bestows confidence. A bright smile is also a sign of good personal hygiene and gives a good impression on your partner.

Have a fresh breath:

Nobody would like to kiss a person without foul-smelling breath. Instead of drawing a person towards you, you might repel them away with bad breath.

Watch what you eat:

Stay away from pungent food, which can again lead to bad breath. Also, avoid any food that can stain your teeth.

Get yourself checked with a dentist:

Decayed, stained, Yellow, chipped, and crooked teeth are a big no-no for this day. Get a thorough check-up and treatment done before meeting your partner.

To attract your loved one and have the date of your dreams, follow these dental tips

  • Get a professional clean-up and teeth whitening done to your teeth as it removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria that can cause bad breath and other dental issues.
  • Chew a sugarless chewing gum for fresh breath and alcohol-free mouthwash
  • Rinse mouth immediately after eating.
  • Avoid having a dry mouth and stay hydrated.
  • Be sure to brush your tongue to remove any debris present on the tongue surface causing bad breath.

This valentine’s day love your teeth too! Get ready for this Valentine’s day by visiting ALUX DENTAL in Hyderabad and look the best with your partner on your special day!

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