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A veneer is an artificial structure that covers the tooth`s natural color, shape, and position by being attached to it. Veneers are wafer-like and can be applied to single or multiple needs depending on your oral requirements.

Types of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can be made to cover your tooth partly or completely. They are also made of different materials such as porcelain or resin although the porcelain ones take in food stains less and mimic the natural teeth better than the resin veneers.

Your prosthodontist or smile design specialist will help you to make a proper choice based on your clinical diagnosis.

Who is an ideal patient for veneers?

Veneers can be used to alter the look of your smile if you are not happy with your existing smile. They can also be used to correct an issue.

e.g. someone who doesn’t like the color of their teeth, who has discoloration of their front teeth as a result of earlier tooth injury, who do not want to get braces to align their teeth, or even want to replace their old veneers with advanced newer ones to get a more natural finish.

You would never the less need to have good oral hygiene and healthy gums to support this treatment procedure.
Dental VeneersDental Veneer Treatment Protocols

The treatment usually spans over a few appointments because the procedure is customized for each patient. The dentist panel consists of a cosmetic surgeon, a ceramist, and a prosthodontist. Based on the patients’ needs and finances, their speech, smile, and expressions, we provide an aesthetic as well as a functional outcome to their teeth.

The steps include:

  1. Pre-operative analysis.
  2. Preparation of teeth and measurements recorded.
  3. The Trail of the veneers or the smile trail
  4. Final fixation of the veneers.

Is it worth it?

Dental veneers are worth it to those who are positively willing to bring about a change in the way they look. It also requires commitment. So, based on your situation you can choose to opt for it. Call us at ALUX dental where we assist you to find the smile you desire.

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