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There is an old notion that says, Eating sugar causes cavities. “Don’t eat sweets or your teeth might get cavities” is a phrase you must have likely heard since your childhood. But it’s not always so.

Sugar on its own is not the culprit to cause a cavity in your teeth. Rather there is a chain of events afterward that can lead to a cavity. Your mouth is a battleground.

There are numerous types of bacteria that live in your mouth. Some are good bacteria while few are bad. Once you eat sugary food, You are feeding bad bacteria, and that bad bacteria when fed releases acids.

Does Eating Sweets Causes Cavities

This acid eats away the tooth structure by removing the minerals from the tooth surface. There is  good news that your saliva which contains calcium and phosphate helps to constantly remineralize and reverse the damage that is caused by the acids produced by bacteria.

  • Repeated acid attacks cause more mineral loss from the tooth surface which weakens the tooth resulting in the formation of a cavity.
  • If the cavity is not treated, it can spread to deeper layers to your teeth causing pain and also possible tooth loss.
  • The best way to prevent cavities is by maintaining good oral hygiene and satisfying your sweet tooth in moderation.

Even though consuming sweets doesn’t directly cause a cavity, we dentists at ALUX DENTAL would agree that consuming too much sugar is not good for your teeth as well your overall health.

If you have any questions regarding the prevention of cavity or for more tooth related information as well as for tips and advice for oral hygiene and health, do contact ALUX DENTAL in Hyderabad.

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