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School is out for the summer, and if it isn’t already, it soon will be. And, while we think of summer as a season for swimming, hiking, sports, and relaxing with the youngsters, it’s also an excellent time to handle those annoying little things that are difficult to complete while the kids go to school all day.

Consider doctor’s and dentist’s visits. If you have a child in early schooling, add a braces appointment to your list.

We can guess what you’re wondering: braces are just for teens. In many situations, yes, but the braces evaluation should happen before the braces! Experts advise that youngsters get their first appointment for braces by the age of 7. 

What exactly is a braces appointment?

A braces consultation is the first session with an orthodontist, a dentist who specializes in detecting and treating overbites, gaps between teeth, tooth congestion, jaw dislocation, and other bite disorders.

Throughout a braces assessment, the orthodontist will talk with your child, examine their teeth, and possibly take x-rays. They will then discuss their ideas with their parents depending on what they perceive.

While many individuals believe that the purpose of orthodontics is merely to have a straighter, more attractive smile, there are numerous additional reasons to address dental misalignments aside from physical appearance. Chewing can be hampered when the teeth or jaw are misaligned, resulting in nutritional and digestive issues.

Brushing and flossing might be difficult or impossible when your teeth are crowded. The main objective of an orthodontist is to ensure that your child’s smile is healthy, which in turn benefits their entire health.

That’s all well and good, but why must the braces consultation be completed by the age of seven? It all comes down to early intervention. Detecting dental problems early on, like with so many other health issues, may make treatment significantly simpler and deliver better results. Orthodontists can be proactive in a corrective plan by identifying possible issues when permanent teeth emerge alongside baby teeth.

If braces are proven to be necessary, detecting them early might make future treatment simpler and less difficult. If your child is in first grade, now is the time to arrange a braces consultation at Alux Dental.

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