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Gum Recontouring Hyderabad – Gingivectomy & Crown lengthening is two very common Gum Contouring procedures recommended for aesthetics and in certain conditions, to enable optimum functioning of a prosthesis. Retrograde pressure from the underlying gum can dislodge a crown which requires your Periodontist to re-contour the gum before fixing a crown. In gummy smile cases, a crown lengthening by laser gum reduction helps the cosmetic dental surgeon deliver a pleasing and confident smile.

Gum Recontouring traditionally was done using a scalpel resulting in a bloody field but with the advent of Lasers in dentistry, the laser gum correction has become precise, conservative, bloodless, followed by less inflammation and faster healing.

Why Gum Recontouring or Gingivoplasty?

Gum Recontouring or Gum Reshaping is advised in patients with:

  • Gummy Smile
  • Smile designing
  • Inflammatory conditions leading to polyps and gum margin loss.
  • In certain cases of crown cementation where excessive gum tissue causes retrograde pressure, Gum recontouring is both an aesthetic and functional procedure which helps in harmonizing the balance between teeth and gums.


Does gum laser surgery hurt?

Diode lasers employed for Gum Recontouring with a dual pulse of 810 & 980nm are very effective, precise and virtually pain- free. The Ultradent Gemini laser at ALUX DENTAL is a US FDA approved soft tissue laser that is safe and effective. With the use of anesthetics even minimal discomfort can be avoided.

Cost of Gum Recontouring in Hyderabad or Cost of Gummy Smile Redesigning in Hyderabad?

A Gummy Smile is often corrected for aesthetic reasons where the tooth to root ratio needs to be kept into consideration without being very aggressive. The procedure needs to be precision-driven, enhancing aesthetics and creating a harmony between tooth and gum. The cost of gum recontouring depends on

  1. Type of surgery advised: Laser Gum Recontouring or Conventional Gum Reshaping
  2. Reason for gum recontouring
  3. Number of teeth involved
  4. The Skillset of the cosmetic dental surgeon

Is Gum Recontouring harmful?

No, if handled by a professional like periodontist, prosthodontist or a cosmetic dentist gum recontouring isn’t harmful. An understanding of gum to tooth and tooth to root proportions is integral to achieve a harmony between aesthetics and function. Any imbalance in the above would lead to a compromise in the gum health.

Do receding gums heal?

The elasticity and tonicity of gums make them resilient but the gum cannot regrow especially if infected or receded. In such cases, a tissue graft is used to realign the gum.

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