How Modern Indian Unhealthy Lifestyle Affects Oral Health


An unhealthy lifestyle not only has a detrimental influence on your overall health, but it also harms your dental health. Dental care is sometimes forgotten because individuals live in a fast-paced society where they want to accomplish everything right now. 

As a result, it causes serious dental problems, although dental problems may be readily avoided with preventative dental care. Alux Dental has compiled this article to inform you of the most prevalent unhealthy lifestyle practices that harm your teeth. Also, learn how dental care might help you avoid major problems.

Sugary foods and carbonated beverages

Sodas and carbonated drinks are high in sugar and have an acidic pH. An acidic environment in our oral cavity is extremely detrimental. Similarly, high-sugar items like chocolate, candy, and doughnuts are the principal energy sources for the dangerous bacteria in our mouths.

Too many of these foods or drinks might hurt your teeth. It may also cause tooth erosions, necessitating cavity treatment. As a result, an unhealthy diet should be avoided as much as possible to keep your teeth in excellent condition.

Brushing methods

Your oral cavity needs certain brushing methods to be followed for fantastic health. Brushing incorrectly can increase bacteria development and cause tooth or gum damage. Irregular brushing practices can lead to a variety of oral health issues, including poor breath, mouth infections, cavities or tooth decay, tooth loosening, and so on.

As a result, proper oral cavity cleansing or dental care is required to maintain excellent oral health. Brushing twice a day is an example of a proper brushing technique. Furthermore, the brush should be held at a 45-degree angle to gently clean the teeth.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings may appear to be childish body changes, but they might have serious consequences for your mouth. Dentists advise against tongue piercing since it can lead to a variety of dental and oral health issues.

On the other hand, the piercing may cause your teeth to crack or shatter, necessitating dental procedures to repair them. Pulsing the jewelry against the teeth regularly, as well as accidentally biting down too hard on the piercing, can cause tooth damage. 

Furthermore, the piercing may interfere with dental x-rays. To summarise, dental professionals do not suggest tongue piercing to maintain excellent oral health.

Tobacco and alcohol

Alcohol drinkers are more likely to accumulate plaque, which increases the risk of tooth loss. Alcohol misuse or excessive consumption causes dry mouth, periodontal problems, tooth discoloration, and other problems.

Similarly, smoking causes tooth discoloration, poor breath, and a reduction in taste sensibility. When a person smokes for an extended period, it reduces the body’s healing ability and makes the individual (smoker) more susceptible to several diseases.

To avoid oral cavity disorders, it is best to avoid drinking and smoking.

Fast food

The flavor and variety of junk food appeal to the majority of individuals. Sugar and other unhealthy foods harm teeth and general health. Unhealthy eating increases the risk factors for tooth decay or cavity formation.

Junk food also contains a lot of bad fats and carbs, as well as a lot of calories and little nutritious value. Regular use of these can harm oral health and cause ailments such as diabetes, obesity, and heart issues.

If you want to keep your oral health in good shape, you must pay strict attention to dental care. Any dental issue should not be treated lightly. Do not put off seeing your dentist because you have a slight toothache. Most tooth diseases may be avoided with regular dentist appointments and good dental care.

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