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What does malocclusion mean? The term malocclusion means “improper bite” and it talks about the way the teeth and jaws fit together as the mouth closes.

Malocclusion, a developmental disorder occurs in the craniofacial structures involving the jaw, tongue, and facial muscles. It poses cosmetic concerns, lack of functionality and has been associated with negative impacts on social fronts.

Ideally, one’s teeth should accommodate easily within the mouth without any crowding, spacing or tooth rotation issues.

What can cause malocclusion?

Variegated heterogeneous factors that can contribute to malocclusion include genetics, lost teeth, impacted teeth, frequent use of pacifiers after age 3, thumb sucking, abnormally shaped teeth, dental restorations that were unfittingly done , injury to the jaw or teeth, tumors of the mouth or jaw, airway obstruction(mouth breathing), enlarged adenoids etc.

Quite a lot of people face issues due to some degree of misalignment of teeth, although it isn’t usually serious enough to require treatment.

A brief overview of Types of malocclusions

  • Class I malocclusion: when the upper teeth just slightly overlap the lower teeth
  • Class II malocclusion: overbite- when the upper teeth and jaw severely overlap the lower teeth and jaw.
  • Class III malocclusion: underbite- when the lower teeth and jaw overlap the upper teeth and jaw.

Alarming signs:

  • Do your teeth protrude?

  • Is there a deep bite?

The upper front teeth cover your lower front teeth too much.

  • Is there an underbite?

The upper teeth fit inside the arch of the lower front teeth.

  • Is there an open bite?

When the back teeth are together with noticeably large gaps between teeth

  • How is spacing between teeth?

Gapping may be formed when a person’s teeth are small compared to the jaw bone. Diastema develops with overgrowth of tissues that border your gum line and two upper front teeth.

  • Midlinesdon’t line up?

The probable cause for not lining up of midlines is drifted teeth or a shifted lower jaw, resulting in an inappropriate bite.

  • Is there a crossbite?

The upper back teeth fit inside rather than outside the lower teeth. This may be due to an anomaly where the upper jaw is smaller than the lower jaw

How to treatmalocclusion?

We at ALUX DENTAL treat malocclusion using principles that integrate the airway and proper breathing along with jaw growth therapy and orthodontics. Each patient requires a customised plan based on their own needs. Invisible braces compared, traditional braces and clear aligners are some of the options presented to our clients for comprehensive treatment.

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