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Mutilated teeth – Hyderabad, Badly broken down teeth or teeth that are irreparably fractured are considered as mutilated teeth.

How are teeth damaged or mutilated?

In certain cultures tooth mutilation, practices are commonly seen in both adults and infants. Pre Columbian South American Tribes and Present-day Nigerian settlements widely practise tooth mutilation which can lead to various dentoalveolar anomalies.

Here are multiple causes that may damage your tooth. Some common causes are listed below:

  • Impact to front teeth during an accident may lead a broken or mutilated front tooth
  • Tooth decay and caries can damage your tooth
  • Secondary decay due to poor restorations
  • Fractured teeth in young children
  • Severely worn out teeth due to traumatic biting

I don’t have pain in my mutilated tooth. Should I get it treated?

You may not experience pain from a tooth that is badly broken down if the living tissue or pulp is completely dead. This dead or necrotic tissue can lead to an infection, formation of pus and an abscess that may spread to the surrounding bone and other teeth. Mutilated teeth often hinder oral hygiene maintenance in the surrounding areas which leads to dental decay of the neighbouring teeth.

What are the ways in which I can save a mutilated tooth?

Mutilated teeth can be managed on various fronts:

Endodontic management: A severely broken down tooth may require a root canal and a simple restoration will not suffice. Depending on the complexity of the case the root canal may either be multiple sitting or single sitting. Depending on the architecture of the remaining tooth structure your Dentist may advise a Post and Core for additional support to the tooth.

Prosthodontic management: A severely broken down tooth following a root canal cannot survive without a crown. The Prosthodontist, depending on the location, size and vulnerability of the tooth can recommend the adequate crown

Should I save my mutilated tooth?

When a tooth is severely damaged and cannot be salvaged, attempts to revive the tooth will be short-lived. In such cases with poor prognosis, an extraction followed by a prosthetic solution such as a dental implant fares better.

You can consult your Endodontist for advice on whether a conservative approach can be attempted with permanent results. Depending on various factors including the amount of tooth structure present, age of the patient, overall health the Root Canal Specialist will decide the best course of treatment. At ALUX DENTAL all treatment planning is done with permanent solutions in mind. A lifetime warranty accompanies all treatment / therapeutic procedures rendered.

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