Myths and Facts about Root Canal Therapy


If the prospect of a root canal makes you nervous, you’re not alone. However, millions of root canal treatments are performed annually to save or fortify a tooth that has become infected.

Despite what you may have heard or read on the internet, they are quite safe and effective.

If your Alux Dental dentist suggests a root canal, you may help soothe your concerns by learning about common root canal myths and the truth about the surgery.

Myth 1: A root canal is required if you have dental discomfort.

Most dental problems do not cause pain until they have progressed to a severe level. This is one of the primary reasons why it is essential to visit your dentist frequently.

As a result, it’s a prevalent misconception that all tooth discomfort indicates the necessity for a root canal. There might be several causes for your toothache.

Toothaches, for example, might be caused by cavities, fractured teeth, gum disease, or sinus pressure. While all of these conditions should be treated by your dentist or another medical practitioner, they do not necessitate a root canal.

Myth 2: Getting a root canal is excruciatingly painful.

Modern technology is incredible. With modern anesthetics and methods, having a root canal is as simple as filling a cavity.

You will not experience any more discomfort than while having a cavity filled. Endodontists are educated in pain management and know how to keep patients as comfortable as possible during surgery.

A root canal removes the damaged area of the tooth and, as a result, relieves toothache discomfort. You will feel less discomfort after your root canal than before.

Myth 3: A tooth extraction is preferable to a root canal.

There is no ideal substitute for a real tooth. While dental implants have advanced significantly in their ability to restore the function and aesthetics of your mouth, they are still not the actual thing.

It is usually preferable to save your natural tooth rather than extract it if at all feasible. A Root Canal treated tooth can still last a lifetime and provide excellent function and beauty.

Furthermore, the recovery period for a root canal is substantially less than that of an extraction or the implantation of a dental implant. It also does not endanger the supporting tissue or neighboring teeth.

Myth 4: Root canals are unhealthy.

False news may spread like wildfire online. It is critical to not accept everything you read online and to put your faith in your dental specialists.

There is no credible scientific evidence that root canals cause an increase in sickness or disease.

This myth began more than a century ago with poor research that has subsequently been discredited. Root canal therapy is completely safe and does not cause sickness.

While it may appear frightening, root canal surgery is a very safe and successful operation that relieves pain and returns the ability to the infected tooth. It’s a regular dental operation these days that shouldn’t bother anymore than sealing a cavity.

Alux Dental has performed thousands of flawless root canal procedures. The operations are designed to be as straightforward and pleasant as feasible. If you have an infection, a root canal is the best approach to preserve or improve your tooth.

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