Oral Prophylaxis or Scaling and Polishing


Many patients do complain of severe tartar formation on their teeth especially the lower teeth even after maintaining good oral hygiene. The reason is not hygiene in such cases, it is more to do with mineralisation of saliva and imbalance in the salivary pH. The minerals in the saliva leach out to form deposits and if the oral medium is acidic tartar formation will be severe.

Spacing between teeth, gum recession and broken teeth can attract more plaque which leads to excess tartar formation, ALUX DENTAL recommends restoring such defects to maintain optimum oral health. Periodontists recommend brushing twice daily and occasional use of non-alcoholic mouthwashes to maintain pristine oral hygiene. We, at ALUX DENTAL advice at-home care regime like oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil once a fortnight and certain medication to control plaque and calculus deposition.

Patients on severe diuretics for hypertension can have excessive tartar formation, anti depressants and anti-anxiety medication also makes the saliva acidic, hence more tartar formation. In comparison, tartar is less harmful than plaque and calculi is far easier to professionally. Periodontist at ALUX DENTAL Hyderabad, advice scaling and polishing once in six months but in cases where there is severe tartar formation scaling once in three months is recommended.

Contrary to the belief that scaling causes damage to the enamel and weaken gums, it actually promotes good oral health. Scalers are made of titanium nitrate material which can never cause any micro-scratches and hence cannot damage enamel. Sensitivity after scaling and polishing is common and it subsides with time gradually. After scaling and polishing it is advised not to drink cola’s, smoke, consume alcohol and indulge in coloring agents like tobacco and turmeric products.

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