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A precision-guided ultrasonic device, which offers greater control, minimizes injury, reduces inflammation and healing time. Piezotome Cube LED comes with tissue sensitivity or tissue-specific features where it identifies the tissue being treated on. If the chosen mode is bone, it doesn’t cut soft tissue and vice versa.
Piezotome Cube LED enables a clinician with the following features
  1. Ease of use
  2. Since it’s Ultrasonic based, allow’s Greater Control
  3. Less Aggressive than Rotary Drills
  4. Tissue Sensitive ( No risk of sinus or nerve damage )
  5. Minimal Injury
  6. Minimal Inflammation
  7. Quick and Effective
  8. Identifies the quality of bone
  9. Minimizes Healing Time
  10. Versatile Treatment Options
In extractions of impacted wisdom teeth, the use of a Piezotome minimizes injury, treatment time, inflammation and healing time. Since it’s tissue-specific, the risk of nerve injury especially if very close is absolutely nil. Since the working end is small, it allows greater accessibility, especially in patients with hampered mouth opening.

In completely edentulous cases with severe bone loss, Piezotome can be used for alveoloplasty with precision which is greatly enhanced because of the LED illumination. An entire Saggital split could be done in 10 minutes.
It can be used in prosthodontics for finish line preparations with greater control.
Used in Periodontics where deeper scaling, root planning and bone corrective surgeries can be performed with greater ease, control and with minimal inflammation.
The sinus lift tips allow absolute control during direct sinus lift procedures minimizing any risk of sinus membrane puncture.
Piezotome is an indispensable aid in dental implant practice since patients opting to get implants to come with a compromised bone, this precision-based unit allows bigger possibilities especially in sinus lift cases, zygomatic implant surgery and full mouth rehabilitative surgeries. It minimizes risk and improves efficiency delivering precision and optimized results.

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