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Patients who have been wearing dentures for a long time tend to often complain about loose dentures at some point of time. This is a common phenomenon where the bone resorbs under the pressure of the denture over due course of time and eventually you have dentures that are floating in the mouth, pop out while speaking or makes it harder for you to chew and eat food.

problems with dentures

There are ways to fix this problem and below are just a few of those options :

  1. In office denture relining :This is by far the most comfortable solution, where your dentist uses a soft relining material that sticks to your existing denture.

    The best part of this option is that you don’t have to be without dentures at all and everything is taken care during the time you visit the dentist. Walk in with loose dentures and walk out with a tighter fitting denture!

  2. Lab relining : If you are not a good candidate for the in office denture relining, your dentist would recommend coordinating with the lab to reline your dentures which means he takes appropriate measurements for the lab to add some material to make your dentures tighter.

    Now remember, this means you need to stay without your dentures for some time. But I can assure you that once you get your dentures back you won’t regret the waiting time.

  3. Implant supported dentures : Sometimes none of the above can fulfill the requirements of making your dentures tight. But don’t worry, there is always a way.

    Nowadays we use dental implants to support your dentures. In this process we use dental implants spread across so your dentures can lock itself into them just like a button. Snap your dentures in when you have to and snap them out when you need to wash them or before bed time. It’s that simple.

Don’t let loose dentures hold you back, at Alux we can help you understand what the problem is and what best option suits you so you can smile confidently without any inhibitions.

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