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Have your teeth shifted despite having perfectly aligned teeth? Don’t panic. It’s normal. No one likes their teeth. As we age, things change. Our teeth aren’t immune to these changes either.

Even if you had braces treatment in the past unless you had a fixed retainer put on, as soon as you discontinue wearing your retainers your teeth are capable of shifting.

Let’s discuss why Teeth Shifting happens.
The tissues surrounding our teeth are always in a dynamic state be it ligaments or bone, meaning they are always moving back and forth. As we age our teeth tend to shift towards the front of the mouth which results in overlapping and crowding of teeth. Having crooked teeth isn’t just an esthetic problem. It can have functional consequences as well.

Irregularly aligned teeth make it difficult to speak, chew your food, and even brushing your teeth. The bacteria get a chance to hide in the nooks and crannies which evade the bristles of your brush.

Teeth Shifting

One of the reasons why our teeth seem to shift forward as we get older is that the tissues which hold them in a place like the ligaments, gum tissue, etc. all become a little weaker. Even the density of our jawbones reduces. The ligament which anchors our teeth in our sockets, called the Periodontal Ligament, weakens too.

With age, our gum line recedes as well which compromises the structural support surrounding the teeth. Poor brushing habits can worsen the condition.

The last factor is the general wear and tear our teeth are subjected to throughout our lives. Constant pressing and scraping of teeth against each other can create spaces for other teeth to migrate into. If your crowded teeth are a cause of concern to you then don’t worry.

In today’s day and age, we have numerous options available for adults to choose from, for aligning their teeth ranging from clear braces, ceramic braces, self-ligating braces, lingual braces, or even metal braces.

So get yourself consulted with an orthodontist at ALUX DENTAL, Hyderabad to find out which option suits you the best.

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