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Teething is one of the important milestones in a growing baby.

It is a time when the first tooth begins to emerge from the gums usually around 4 to 7 months of age. As the tooth erupts by pushing through the gums, your child might experience soreness or irritation on that region, this can make your kid fussier.

This time can be frustrating to both kid as well as to you as a parent and we at ALUX DENTAL can help you manage and tackle with several other teething issues.

Every child experience teething differently. You can observe that during teething your kid starts to drool more saliva and tends to put everything in his mouth in an attempt to reduce discomfort of that erupting tooth from gums.

Your baby may also refuse to eat as he or she is irritated due to the discomfort and will also have disrupted sleep.

A low grade fever or diarrhea can also be observed which could be due to the kid putting their unclean hands an objects in their mouth. Contact us to find out if there is any such symptom.

Teething in Kids and Babies

Here are few tips to follow to put your baby at ease during teething.

  • Comfort your baby. Cuddling your baby provides that feeling of comfort and reassurance and also helps in alleviating the pain.
  • When the baby drools, keep it clean and dry as possible by periodically wiping the area.
  • To soothe the gum irritation, gently rub or massage with a cold gauze or rolled up clean cotton cloth on the gums. A clean teether made up of solid rubber for your child to chew may also help to relieve discomfort.

It usually takes around 4 to 5 days for the tooth to break through the gums and then the symptoms decreases. But don’t be surprised if your baby starts showing the same symptoms again as there are other remaining teeth that have to erupt in the mouth.

Once the tooth erupts in the oral cavity make sure to visit the dentist and get your kid’s gums and teeth examined. Having a regular dental checkup will help your child set the stage for a lifetime of healthy gums and teeth.

Do visit ALUX DENTAL in Hyderabad for your kid’s anxiety free dental check up as there is nothing better for a parent to cherish than a happy, joyous kid looking up at you with a priceless tooth grin!

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