The State of Your Tongue & Your Dental Health


One of the things we all accept as normal is our tongue! We used to explore the world with our tongues as youngsters, lick everything within sight (much to our mother’s chagrin), and thrust it out at our siblings and parents simply to see how they reacted. While experiencing our first kisses and unusual meals as young people, we discovered there was more to our tongue.

The tongue, however, is more than simply a random bodily element; it plays an important role in our capacity to flavor and ingests food. And, acknowledge it or not, your tongue may give your dentist information about both your dental hygiene and your general health. You might be shocked at what your tongue can reveal to you about your wellbeing. 

How Much can Your Tongue Inform You About Your Wellbeing?

  • Tongue Covering in White

Your tongue should be a wonderful shade of pink. If sections of your tongue tend to be covered with white material, you may have oral thrush, which is a yeast infestation that develops inside the buccal cavity.

Of course, it might just be white due to not cleaning your tongue after brushing your teeth. You don’t do that, do you? If the white comes off with a brush, you’re set to go.

  • Tongue Spots in White

Leukoplakia is a situation that happens when the tongue is inflamed, as with cigarettes or tobacco usage. Every medical practitioner will encourage you to quit smoking, but the decision is ultimately yours.

However, if you notice white spots, schedule an appointment with your dentist to go into the cautious zone and rule out mouth cancer.

  • A tongue that is too red

While an excessively red tongue can be a sign of Kawasaki illness, it is far more usually linked with a vitamin deficit, such as folic acid or B-12 insufficiency. Simply adding multivitamins to your morning meal might be the remedy.

  • Patches of Uncommon Red Bumpiness

If your tongue resembles a rough map of uneven red and bumpy spots, this isn’t a foretelling indication that you’ll be leaving soon. You might have a high fever, in which case going for strenuous work should be the last thing on your list of activities.

  • A tongue that’s Hairy

Yes, it seems bizarre, but protein accumulation may cause microscopic lumps to grow extended and trap foodstuffs, culminating in what appears to be filaments of hair on your tongue. A good brushing or tongue scraping should usually get rid of it, and if it doesn’t, a visit to the dentist is necessary.

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