What Are Your Possibilities for Fixing Irregular Teeth in Cosmetic Dentistry?


Everyone wants to laugh and grin confidently. However, you may be afraid to display your beautiful whites if you have uneven teeth.

Uneven teeth are a very prevalent dental problem. Fortunately, there are several successful methods for correcting the look of crooked teeth so you may smile confidently.

Some procedures are less intrusive and burdensome, like veneers or contouring, while others, such as braces, are more sophisticated.

Don’t be afraid to grin! Cosmetic dentistry from Alux Dental can correct teeth that are uneven, crooked, discolored or damaged.


Veneers are small, tooth-colored ceramic layers that are custom-made and glued to the front of your teeth. They conceal tiny flaws including irregularly shaped teeth, spaces, cracks, and fissures.

Veneers can also conceal damaged enamel and discolorations. Dental veneers are a non-invasive procedure that may be performed in only a few sessions.

Dental Bonding

One of the least intrusive dental procedures is dental bonding. It’s also a relatively rapid process for correcting uneven teeth, gaps, and minimal tooth damage. As a consequence, your smile will appear straighter and more proportional.

Throughout your consultation for dental bonding, the dentist applies a little amount of tooth-colored resin composites to your tooth. The material is molded into the proper form, and the color is modified to match the rest of your teeth.



Contouring, often known as teeth contouring, is rather self-explanatory. During this operation, your dentist uses a spinning device called a bur to shave off a tiny layer of enamel.

It corrects tiny abnormalities in your teeth’s form, length, or surface. As a consequence, all of the teeth in your smile will seem more uniform.


For a rotting, fractured, or missing tooth, a porcelain crown is a popular remedy. It restores the look and function of the injured teeth by covering the tooth above the gum line.

Crowns, on the other hand, can be used to fix an uneven grin. Crowns are designed just for you and have a natural appearance.


Whatever your age, braces are an excellent technique for treating uneven, crammed, gapped, and crooked teeth. They are unable to repair chips, fractures, or other types of damage.

Braces have helped numerous people attain a more harmonious, straighter smile. They gradually reposition teeth into the right place, fixing spacing problems and uneven bites

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners provide the same purpose as braces but have a different appearance. Whereas braces employ metal brackets affixed to the front of your teeth, transparent aligners are created from clear plastic.

As a result, they are a more covert type of tooth straightening. Clear alignment trays are the perfect alternative for individuals preferring to retain a low profile.

Clear aligners, like braces, gradually reposition your teeth into the proper position. They employ a succession of transparent plastic trays to reposition your teeth gradually.

Alux Dental’s cosmetic dentistry will transform your smile! We provide a variety of cosmetic dental procedures to correct flaws in your smile and restore damaged teeth.

Furthermore, we have many years of expertise in renewing smiles and restoring our patients’ confidence.

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