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Straight teeth provide more than just a great smile. They are made to fit together in a certain way to perform their functions and if this does not happen it may lead to various oral health problems.

Straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain. It is very difficult to clean crooked teeth as the brush bristles cannot penetrate these hard-to-reach areas where a lot of food particles and plaque accumulate. This in turn can lead to swollen gums, bleeding, bone loss and eventually may lead to loosening of the teeth from their socket.

why straight teeth matter

In cases where the teeth are jutting out, are prone to injury. Aligning such teeth and pulling them back is a protective mechanism so that whenever one falls, the impact is not taken by the front teeth.

Having well aligned teeth gives your smile a pleasing appearance which in turn boosts your confidence. A little extra confidence never hurt anyone did it? Straight teeth have a better chance at survival just owing to its easier cleaning and maintenance. So, consult with your orthodontist today and find out the various options available for aligning your teeth be it braces or invisalign etc.

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