3D Consultation

ALUX DENTAL offers the first of its kind 3D consultation. This consultation protocol is scientifically proven, evidence-based and virtually infallible owing to its three steps – Radiological examination, clinical examination and confirmation that leave no room for guesses.


What Includes

3D Consultation

Brushing Bay

Our consultation begins at the brushing bay where one is required to brush their teeth using the oral home care kit provided. Brushing right before you meet with our dentist ensures three crucial objectives.

three crucial objectives.


Bleeding gums (during brushing) provide insights about your gum health, and brushing.

Oral Hygiene Evaluation

Allows the treating dentist to ascertain your oral hygiene measures and provide you with a customized oral hygiene maintenance routine.

Treatment Planning

We believe treatment should be complemented by effective ‘at-home’ care and treatment can be influenced by oral hygiene measures. Your brushing will be monitored giving us a chance to analyze and optimize your brushing technique, choice of brush & habits.

Full Mouth X-Ray

When it comes to health, seeing is believing. We have included an Orthopantomogram or a full mouth X-ray as part of our consultation protocol to ensure our doctors never have to guess.

The KAVO OP 3D Pro imaging modality with soft tissue analysis installed at ALUX DENTAL is one of the first installations across the country with 80% less radiation dosage and high definition image capturing.

The radiological examination allows our doctors to get a comprehensive overview of teeth and bone health, diagnose hard tissue defects and execute virtual treatment planning efficiently for safe and predictable results.

Clinical Evaluation

With more than 20 years of experience, the leadership at ALUX DENTAL has a vast understanding of your clinical condition and expectations.

For our treatment plans to be in coherence with you and your health we carefully listen to your concerns and take into account your needs & goals for optimum oral health.

The radiological examination coupled with thorough clinical evaluation by our primary doctors and specialists leads us to an accurate diagnosis.

Confirmation of Diagnosis

The Use of Confirmatory aids to confirm the final diagnosis is a vital step before most treatments. Hidden dimensions of certain pathologies are unveiled by confirmative aids like Diagnocam for detection of hidden caries that usually go undetected on a radiograph and the KAVO OP 3D Pro for 3D radiology- Maxillofacial CBCT’s (cone beam computed tomography).

These carefully curated protocols allow us to utilize ultramodern technologies to diagnose better and serve right with our comprehensive clinical practice. Top of the line health care through an unparalleled experience is our promise to you.

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