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ALUX DENTAL is a synergy between a spa, lounge and an exquisite dental boutique offering the best in dental & oral health.

The vibrancy, plush interiors and the comforting cocoon feel of the dental operatory are some of the top notch indulgences which our clients experience.



Our mission is to enrich the quality of life by beautifying smiles. Improve oral hygiene etiquettes, strengthen prophylactic measures and deliver excellence in Clinical Dentistry though passion & perseverance.


To provide the finest dental health care which is qualitative, exceptional and affordable in a congenial environment with the aid of highly skilled professionals & the latest in technology.

About us

We are an indulgent dental setup offering a seamless blend of personalised dental care in a cocoon of tranquility. Our innovative health care facility brings you services from exclusive world class technology partners such as Straumann, Kavo Kerr, Invisalign, Ultradent. Broadening horizons of dentistry we have included quintessential services ranging from prophylactic to cosmetic procedures.

Dental care at ALUX has been responsibly reimagined to incorporate heart warming hospitality. The selection of chocolates that greets you at our front desk is a preview of our embodiment of science backed reasoning. Our pioneer setup successfully renders dental treatments devoid of any fear or anxiety. We walk the extra mile to ensure your health, without letting you miss out on life.

The innovative 3D consultation at ALUX DENTAL is an evidence based, virtually infallible protocol that ensures error free diagnosis via three crucial steps- Radiological examination, clinical examination and confirmation.

To deliver nothing short of excellent service, we have adapted a multidisciplinary approach. Clinicians from every speciality- General Dentists, Cosmetic dentists, Orthodontists, Paediatric Dentists, Endodontists, Prosthodontists, Implantologists, Periodontists, Oral Medicine and Radiology Specialists and Oral Surgeons have been engaged in-house to provide comprehensive treatments. Treatment plans once formulated are reviewed and discussed by an international panel of specialists before being executed.

Our concept presents a paradigm shift in dentistry for a number of reasons, starting with our rediscovered approach to dental health; prevention is better than cure. Two decades of healthcare service has reaffirmed our belief that exemplary oral hygiene maintenance limits dental visits which had led to our brushing bay concept and carefully curated home care kits aimed at prophylactic intervention.

We have decked our facility with ultramodern health care utilities aimed at optimising efficiency and functionality with paramount comfort and safety for you. Epitomising the belief that Technology is an irrefutably indispensable aid to human skill, we have brought in class leading technologies from Kavo Kerr Germany, Gemini Dual Pulse laser from Ultradent USA and the Surgical Piezotome Cube from Acteon, Germany.

We strongly believe consciousness of quality is fundamental for excellence and to uphold quintessential standards of treatments and achieve longevity with 100% satisfaction scores we have exclusively incorporated Reality Esthetics Rated Products and Implants from industry legends like Straumann and Nobel Biocare’.

At ALUX DENTAL you will discover perfection in every detail. All operatory rooms are illuminated between 4500 to 5500 Kelvins simulating natural light. Whether it is the shade of a tooth or correction of an anterior broken tooth, the aesthetics achieved are a perfect match and hence no more visible changes in the colour, chroma or hue of the restorations or the prosthesis.

From incorporating low radiation based high tech devices like the Direct Digital Radiography from Kavo Kerr Germany & Gendex USA to limiting the use of radiology with confirmative Caries Detective Devices, we have made every effort to optimise radiation protection.

Sterilisation protocols at our facility involve Self Cleansing Dental Chairs, Calbenium Water Decontamination Systems, 100% automated surface bio-disinfection, H2o2 fumigation and Class B autoclaves under OSHA standards of hygiene and care.

We are committed towards eco conscious dentistry. Advocating responsibility towards the ever growing Global Warming issue, we have adapted to burn less carbon by use of sensor based LED illumination, Inverter based Air Conditioners, Solar Energy Devices and Eco-friendly Epoxy Flooring and Acrylic Solid Surface furnishings to reduce our carbon foot print.

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Irrespective of your problem we have all the expertise in-house. You can choose your doctor as per your requirement.


Healthcare is our first priority. Contact us to book an appointment now: 7676111999


We are committed to providing our reliability by delivering the best possible care and treatment.

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