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Hi I am Dr Arshia an orthodontist .I have pursued my masters in the field of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics from Dalian Medical University, North East China. I am an amiable person who gets motivated by challenges .I strongly believe in work ethics and seek to work out a collaborative solution. Attention to detail is what attracted me to beautifying smiles.

I hold expertise in correcting mal-alignments of teeth and jaws using high end technology. I am blessed with the skills necessary to make people feel good and look good. I am inclined towards ameliorating the functional efficiency of their teeth, considering structural balance and aesthetic harmony.

Apart from the conventional methods I hold expertise in transforming smiles using less noticeable and the now so sought-after invisible aligners in conjunction with accelerated orthodontic treatment advancements. I am aesthetically oriented with an eye for beauty. Smile is a potent weapon having the strength to forge bonds and even calm storms.  As an orthodontist, I am committed to helping you love your smile and boost your confidence.

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