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Dental implants in true sense have revolutionised Cosmetic Dentistry. Dental implant can improve aesthetics, restore function and facilitate good health.

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A dental implant is a surgical grade titanium called commercially available grade 4 titanium, which is drilled into the bone to provide anchorage to the supporting tooth. Dental implant is an extremely successful procedure and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Most effective in restoring form & function
  • Conservative – no need to trim or damage adjacent teeth unlike dental bridge
  • Longevity – lifetime warranty
  • Aesthetic – results achieved are extremely pleasant
  • True tooth like prosthesis


Based on Research & Development

  • Engaging Dental Implant
  • Non-engaging Dental Implant
  • Bone coated Dental implant


  • Conventional Dental Implant
  • Immediate Dental Implant
  • Sinus Lift Dental Implant
  • Zygomatic Dental Implant
  • All-on-4 Dental Implant
  • All-on-6 Dental Implant
  • Same day tooth Dental Implant
  • Hybrid Denture

Dental Implant FAQ’s

What is a Dental Implant Surgery?

A replica of a tooth and a root used to restore form & function of the missing tooth, is a dental implant.
If a patient has a single or multiple missing tooth or teeth then a surgical grade titanium screw is drilled into the bone to provide anchorage to the supporting tooth. This dental implant has a sleeve where a connector is screwed over which a cap is either cemented or screwed.

What is the Cost of a Dental Implant in Bangalore or Cost of Dental Implant in Hyderabad?

Cost of Dental Implant totally depends on the type of implant, nature of surgery and complications involved. So, it is imperative to visit a dentist to know the actual cost. At ALUX DENTAL the range can be between 42000 rupees to 14 lakh INR.

Why are Dental Implants Expensive?

We, at ALUX DENTAL do not consider dental implant surgery expensive, especially when we look at restoring capabilities of a dental implant. A simple dental implant surgery is affordable and a very good option of restoring tooth. The true to life capability of a dental implant relies on the skill of the surgeon, the surgery in itself and the crown component of the dental implant. If one has challenging bone structure then components like bone graft and membrane add up to the cost.

What is a Sinus Lift Dental Implant?

A dental implant placed in the upper jaw with the oral surgeon lifting the sinus floor to achieve an optimised bite is a sinus lift procedure. If a patient has missing upper premolars and molars with the sinus floor being low, implant placement becomes challenging in such cases the sinus floor is lifted surgically either directly or indirectly to facilitate implant placement.

What is a Zygoma Implant?

In patients with very poor bone structure of the upper jaw a dental implant is surgically drilled into the zygomatic bone for anchorage. This along with anterior dental implants can restore one’s bite effectively. Since the dental implants are anchored into the zygomatic bone it is called zygoma implant.

What is an all-on-4 dental implant?

In patients with complete missing teeth and compromised jaw bone, four dental implants per jaw are planted in pre-planned positions to balance either 10 or 12 teeth per jaw. This procedure of a complete dental rehabilitation with four dental implants on each jaw is called all-on-4 dental implant surgery. If six teeth are placed per jaw, then it is all-on-6 dental implant surgery. If these 4 or 6 dental implants are screwed with a denture then its a hybrid denture.

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