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Irregular, crooked, anteriorly placed and retroclined teeth, all need correction. The options are either braces or the advanced Invisalign ( clear aligners ). Both braces and Invisalign facilitate alignment by effectively moving teeth in the intended direction, correcting abnormalities.

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Braces are either metallic, ceramic or advanced ceramic with metal slots ( Damon Clear ) which are cemented on to the tooth surfaces and then ligated with Titanium or Stainless Steel or Copper Niti wires and Elastics to facilitate correction of maligned teeth. This process of correction needs repeated visits to an orthodontist.

People who are conscious of their smile especially with braces, can opt either Lingual Braces or Clear Aligners ( Invisalign ).


  • Smile friendly, no brackets or wires
  • Oral hygiene friendly (non obstructive hence maintenance of oral hygiene isn’t compromised)
  • Lesser visits to an orthodontist
  • Patients with known allergy to nickel can opt Invisalign
  • Virtual planning gives a fair idea of correction much before the procedure


  • Economical
  • Corrections can be guided by the orthodontist in between sessions
  • Precise and pleasing results
  • Almost all dental malalignments can be corrected
  • Faster results


  • Quite inconspicuous
  • Smile friendly
  • Effective results
  • Self ligated can achieve faster results
  • Precise and pleasing results

How can I correct my forwardly placed teeth?

Teeth which are anteriorly placed are called Proclined teeth, which can be either due to skeletal defect ( jaws are forwardly placed ) or due to dental defect ( habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing ). This can be corrected with orthodontics. At ALUX DENTAL, our Orthodontist in Bangalore and Orthodontist in Hyderabad clinics will suggest either braces or clear aligners for proclination.

How long does Braces Treatment in Bangalore or Braces Treatment in Hyderabad, last?

It depends on the condition of malalignment on an average Braces Treatment in Bangalore or Braces Treatment in Hyderabad takes about 12 to 18 months.

What is the Cost of Braces Treatment in India?

Again it depends on the condition of malalignment. At ALUX DENTAL it can range in between 43000Rs to 4.5 lakh rupees.

Is Invisalign better than braces?

Depending on what a patient desires and demands either braces or Invisalign can be better than the other. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages but Invisalign is the latest advancement in orthodontics. Our Orthodontist In Bangalore and Orthodontist in Hyderabad clinic prefer Invisalign especially for minor dental corrections.

What precautions are recommended during Orthodontic Treatment in Bangalore or Orthodontic Treatment in Hyderabad?

During orthodontic treatment one needs to be extra attentive towards their oral hygiene. Brushing after every meal, rinsing with a non-alcoholic mouth wash and interdental cleaning with water jets is recommended.

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