ALUX Home Care Kit

At ALUX your oral health is our responsibility. Our rediscovered approach to dental health prevention is better than cure, has presented a paradigm shift in dentistry.

Two decades in healthcare have reaffirmed our belief that exemplary oral hygiene maintenance limits dental visits which has led us to carefully curate home care kits aimed at prophylactic intervention.


The ALUX HOME CARE KIT is an essential part of our 3D consultation and is customized for every individual. This complimentary kit ensures pristine oral hygeine maintenance so you never have to see a dentist except for regular checkups.

The novel kit has been mindfully curated by experts with over 21 years of experience. Book your consultation now to avail your personalized kit.

Each kit is customised for every individual and is accompanied by a personalised oral hygiene maintenance regime for pristine oral health.

Our basic kit is equipped with quintessential products from pioneers of dental aids that are used and recommended by our team of dentists.

Tepe Toothbrushes

Developed in collaboration with dentists, the Swedish made Tepe toothbrushes are available for both kids and adults. A good toothbrush should have soft filaments, a tapered brush head, and a comfortable handle.

The classic tepe brushes have a straight handle which helps in delivering effective and gentle strokes, the bevelled bristle of the upper one-third of the tufts helps in interdental cleaning and prevents gum recession by optimising pressure. The brush delivers strokes precisely where you intend to and augments your brushing experience.

We recommend tooth brushing twice daily. Once in the morning and once before bedtime with gentle strokes directed from the gums to teeth surfaces. Brushing before bedtime is most crucial. You can begin brushing from one side of your upper jaw, starting from the side that faces the inside of your cheeks, move to the surface facing the opposite jaw and then brush the side of teeth facing the roof of your mouth. Repeat for the lower jaw and finish by cleaning the top surface of your tongue with gentle strokes.



GC Tooth Mousse

The first step in any form of tooth decay is demineralisation of the tooth enamel due to acids produced by bacteria. The GC Tooth Mousse is the best way to combat dental caries. It’s a sugar-free dental topical crème, containing bio-available calcium and phosphate in the form of Recaldent derived from the milk protein; casein.

This wonder remineralisation agent effectively delivers amorphous calcium phosphate ions to the demineralised portion of the tooth aiding remineralisation and preventing the initiation of a cavity. Saliva enhances the effects of remineralisation and the longer the mousse remains in the mouth, the better are the results. It also contains xylitol known for its anti-cariogenic activity. Using this ensures your teeth remain mineralized, cavity-free and you visit us no more than necessary.

Apply directly onto the teeth surfaces either with finger or cotton or use as a toothpaste and leave for 3 minutes either while brushing or as an adjunct to brushing. We recommend you use this two times a week.

Tepe Mini Flosser

Out of the five surfaces of a tooth exposed to your oral cavity, a toothbrush only cleans four.40% of the tooth surface area can only be cleaned with an interdental cleaning aid. Plaque and deposits between teeth can lead to dental and periodontal issues, flossing helps in clearing the plaque between teeth and minimises the chances of oral pathologies.

The Mini flosser from Tepe, Sweden is an effective interdental cleaning aid. The pre-loaded dental floss holder allows easy and comfortable cleaning between teeth. Its unique bite plane helps to gently insert the floss. The strong and slim floss fits very narrow spaces and is ideal even for those who find regular dental floss difficult to use.

We recommend you floss after every meal or at least twice a day. Flossing before bedtime is most crucial. Gently insert the thread between the teeth using a back and forth action. Using the bite plane by biting down on it makes this easier. Gently move the floss along the tooth surface to reach the gum line. Repeat on the other tooth surface. Slide-out with a back and forth action.


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