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Root canal treatment is one of the most commonly addressed dental treatments and also one of the most effective, in saving a tooth. A good Root Canal Specialist will identify the cause, treat the ailment and restore the tooth back to its form and function. Root canal treatment can either be completed in a single session or in multiple sessions depending on the condition of the tooth and peri-apical condition.

root canal in hyderabad

Why Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is recommended if a patient has deep dental decay with severe tooth pain, especially on lying down or on chewing. In some cases a severely broken down tooth may not elicit any pain especially if its a non-vital tooth, in such cases too, a root canal treatment is advised.

Why Root Canal Treatment at ALUX DENTAL?

  • Advised only if required
  • Experienced Root Canal Specialists
  • Advanced technologies like Microscope, Apex Locator, Radiovisiograph, 3D scans
  • Strict hygiene and sterilisation protocols
  • Use of disposable files and cleaning agents
  • Use of effective irrigants and disinfectants
  • Promising results with warranty

Is Root Canal Treatment permanent?

Yes, a root canal treatment with 3 dimensional seal till the apex of root can never fail hence, permanent.

Why should we crown a root canal treated tooth?

After a root canal treatment the affected tooth can be compromised either due to decay or due to access preparation this along with non-vitality of tooth makes its brittle and prone to fracture. Hence crowning a root canal treated tooth is advised especially in posterior teeth.

How as a patient one can determine a good root canal treatment?

Insist on understanding the root canal treatment from the treating endodontist, X-rays taken during and after root canal treatment will help one understand if the roots are filled all the way up till the apex of the roots. The root canal filling needs to be confluent and till the tip of the root.

Can I get the tooth extracted instead of root canal treatment?

No, one should avoid extracting teeth except for the wisdom teeth. A root canal treatment can totally restore form and function of a tooth without any side effects. Any extracted tooth needs to be replaced by a dental implant which in comparison is lot more expensive and time consuming.

Can a root canal treatment fail?

Yes, if root canal treatment isn’t done well then it can either get infected or fail. In such cases retreatment can be performed after ascertaining the cause of failure as ineffective root canal treatment.

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