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Dr Shazia Qurrathulain the Medical Director of Alux Dental is an excellent clinician with special attention in Clinical Endodontics. After graduation further pursued Post Graduation in Endodontics from Bangalore, India. Root Canal Treatment, Re-Treatment, Apicectomy and Apical Surgeries have been her forte for the last 18 years.

She has touched many lives, transformed and beautified smiles. Has an impeccable record of the most successful root canal treatments rendered ranging from tortuous canal treatments to really stubborn & challenging re-treatments.

With hopes of being the First Lady of India and believing that it was destiny that led her to be a dentist, Dr. Shazia is the COO and medical director of Alux Dental.

She wishes she could read minds and owns a cat someday. Her comfort food is continental cuisine. If not a dentist, she would be a pilot. And she plays Country Roads on loop. Who isn’t guilty of that?

She’s passionate, strong and ambitious

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