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Dental Restoration or Tooth Filling is a clinical procedure recommended when one has a cavity in a tooth. Tooth filling happens to be the most commonly delivered dental procedure across the globe.

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Conventional Filling or Dental Restoration

  • Amalgam Filling or Amalgam Cement Cosmetic Filling or Cosmetic Dental Restoration
  • Glass Ionomer Filling or Glass Ionomer Cement
  • Composite Filling or Composite Cement


  • Temporary Filling or Temporary Cement
  • Permanent Filling or Permanent Cement


  • Class 2 Tooth Filling or Class 2 Dental Restoration
  • Class 3 Tooth Filling or Class 3 Dental Restoration
  • Class 1 Tooth Filling or Class 1 Dental Restoration
  • Class 4 Tooth Filling or Class 4 Dental Restoration
  • Class 5 Tooth Filling or Class 5 Dental Restoration
  • Class 6 Tooth Filling or Class 6 Dental Restoration

Whatever be the type of a tooth filling or a dental restoration, it is an in-office procedure and has to be delivered by a certified dentist in a hygienic and clinical environment.

Why Dental Restoration or Tooth Filling at ALUX DENTAL?

Our in-house General Dentist or Conservative Dentistry Specialist will be delegated to consult, educate, diagnose and to render the dental restoration based on your condition or based on the tooth cavity. Longevity of a dental restoration or a tooth filling will depend on the prepared architecture by the performing dentist apart from the clinical protocol & material used.

Tooth Filling or Dental Restorative Protocols at ALUX DENTAL :

    • The assigned dentist or conservative specialist will ascertain the diagnosis
    • Diagnosis based on clinical understanding ,X-Rays and confirmative aids like Diagnocam
    • Use of Diagnodent – a scientifically proven confirmative aid
    • Use of Reality Aesthetics rated products
    • Guaranteed longevity of Dental Restoration or Tooth Filling
    • Use of High Speed Turbines & Soft Hands
    • OSHA standards of hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation to prevent cross contamination
    • Dental Chairs with in-built disinfection system
    • Single use of tooth drilling burs, disposables and cements


Cavity Preparation — Cavity Cleanser — Pulp Protection — Primer Application —Drying — Bond Application —Drying & Curing —SDR Application —Incremental 3D Restoration — Finishing & Polishing—Composite Sealant

What is Tooth Filling or Dental Restoration?

      • A dental procedure aimed at cleaning the decay and restoring the cavity is called a tooth filling or dental filling. Here the dentist will drill the tooth clearing up the decayed or deceased portion then prepare an architecture with retentive features to hold the dental restoration. Depending on the type of tooth filling a material is compacted without any air gaps sealing the cavity in toto.

Is a Tooth Filling or Dental Restoration permanent?

      • Yes, if the restorative protocols are strictly followed. A good dentist prepares the architecture well, uses a right material, optimally cures the dental cement and polishes the filling ensuring the longevity of the tooth filling.

What type of Tooth Filling is the best and lasts long?

      • Ideally Composite restoration or G.I.C tooth filling do last long. Amalgam is kind of obsolete considering mercury being hazardous and silver getting oxidised.

Should I replace an Amalgam Dental Restoration or Amalgam Filling?

      • Yes, amalgam fillings were popular in olden days but now they’re obsolete. An amalgam filling causes mechanical closure of the cavity which with time can loosen up due to oxidation and contraction causing micro-leakage. This in fact will cause secondary decay or infection, hence amalgam filling should be replaced with Composite or G.I.C Restoration.

Is Cosmetic Filling strong, can it withstand chewing forces?

      • Yes, cosmetic restorations today are quite strong almost matching the strength of tooth enamel. With advancement in dentistry cosmetic fillings like composite restoration or G.I.C fillings have actually become very strong

How much does a Cosmetic Filling Cost in Bangalore or Cost of Cosmetic Filling in Hyderabad?

    • Cost of a Cosmetic Filling in India totally depends on the type of cavity, type of tooth filling and material used. So, visit us and let our expert panel help you with all your queries.


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