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Child orthodontics treatment in Hyderabad – is devotedly concerned towards the oral health of children from infancy through teen years, holding the purpose of creating a healthy “functional bite” which can be partly jaw position and partly tooth alignment-based.

Pediatric orthodontics also gets referred to as phase I orthodontic treatment which is the first phase before the braces and includes progressive treatments for patients aged 7 to 11 – especially when jaw irregularities are present.

Child Orthodontics

When lined up correctly the jaws and teeth are able to function as nature intended and bring about an attractive smile as an added bonus.

In what way will orthodontic treatment help my child?

Orthodontic treatment will improve your child’s bite and facilitate proper chewing ability also contributing towards clear speech.

Teeth tend to look good when they function appropriately. An attractive smile is a pleasantly gratifying side-effect of orthodontic treatment, having emotional benefits. Bringing teeth, lips and face into proportion ameliorates children’s self-esteem, boosting his / her self-confidence. Properly aligned teeth are less prone to decay, gum disease and injury.

As my child grows won’t his teeth line up correctly?

With the growth of your child unfortunately, his or her teeth will not straighten out on their own. There is no increase in space that’s available for permanent front teeth as one grows. The permanent teeth are comparatively bigger in size to the set of primary teeth and so for most people, there is often not enough room for teeth accommodation.

As a child gets older, untreated orthodontic problems can become worse, and more difficult to treat. These problems may also lead to tooth decay, gum disease, broken front teeth and loss of bone tissue that holds teeth in place.

What if my child loses a primary tooth early?

If your child loses his /her milk tooth early through decay or injury, the other teeth might drift and fill in the empty vacant space created because of the lost tooth.

As a consequence of this loss, the room required for the child’s permanent teeth to erupt is lost causing crooked or crowded teeth that compromise the functional harmony.

Are there any additional reasons to see an orthodontist sooner than the age of 7?

Yes if one notices, in your child:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Thumb sucking habit
  • Mouth breathing and snoring
  • Difficulty biting, speaking and chewing
  • Clenching jaws and grinding teeth
  • Protruded, crowded or excessively spaced teeth
  • We strongly recommend that you fix an appointment with an Orthodontist

A check-up with the Orthodontist is mandatory when baby teeth are being replaced with the permanent teeth and when the face and jaws are growing.

If a problem already exists or is developing, your orthodontist is able to advise you on whether treatment is recommended, when it should begin, what form of treatment will be required, and its estimated length

Not all orthodontic problems will need correction. Also, not all treatments are done using braces.

There might be a “wait and see” approach of your child’s growth and development periodically and when required treatment will be initiated at the appropriate age.

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