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Best Invisible braces Treatment in Hyderabad – Numerous innovations that will leave you grinning have become available in recent years. Nowadays the option of invisible braces has helped overcome stigma and discomfort that existed in society. The thought of getting braces done is not an unpleasant one anymore.

Looks have never been the forte when it comes to braces and their affiliation with train tracks was not completely unjustifiable. Within the world of orthodontics, invisible braces have become a sought-after buzzword. The excitement is in with a new generation of discreet braces that have gone unsurprisingly from strength to strength.

What is the latest technology based braces in orthodontics?

In the field of orthodontics, clear aligners are the latest technology-based. Ceramic braces and Lingual braces are also considered as invisible braces.

Whom are they meant for?

For those people who desire to get their teeth straightened but are conscious about their appearance. Those having apprehensions with respect to wires hanging from teeth are adequate candidates for invisible braces.

How do they work?

These braces work just like the conventional ones and set right the protruding teeth and the other irregularities.

What are the different types of invisible braces?

The less easily noticeable braces are of three kinds. one can choose from ceramic, lingual, and clear aligners. Each uses different means to straighten teeth, and each achieves different levels of discreetness.

Ceramic braces: In these braces, the brackets are made up of clear, transparent ceramic material which works in the same way as that of the traditional braces. The less noticeably visible feature of these braces makes them a desired choice for adults who need orthodontic treatment.

Lingual braces: Lingual braces also called “ibraces” are invisible braces one can also opt for instead of traditional braces. Rather than being worn on the front teeth, these are placed on the insides of your teeth, so you can’t see them at all.

Clear aligners: Clear aligners are custom made plastic aligners fabricated based on digital models made from an impression or a scan of your teeth so that they fit your teeth well. They are virtually invisible, non-invasive, comfortable and do not cloud even with long usage.

Invisalign is the leading brand amongst aligners. They provide a gradual series of corrections to achieve full alignment based on simulated tooth movements. These aligners are removable and hence provide ease to the one using it during eating and cleaning.

One has to change the aligner out for a newly made aligner every 2 weeks or as told by the orthodontist. It is advised to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours, as only full-time wear will facilitate proper tooth movement and desired changes.

What are the post-treatment instructions?

Keeping up with regular appointments with your orthodontist is highly recommended. Your clear aligners are to be maintained well. Always remember to remove them before eating or drinking anything other than water. Also, brush your teeth after every meal to avoid staining your aligner.

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