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Complete Teeth Replacement Treatment in Hyderabad – In edentulous clients or clients with complete tooth loss, normal day to day functions like eating and chewing completely get affected. This could also lead to indigestion and health concerns. Loss of appetite and taste can also follow as a sequela of complete tooth loss. In such cases, complete teeth replacement with either complete removable denture or hybrid denture or implant-supported fixed denture or an All-on-four full mouth rehabilitation is the treatments of choice.

Are Removable Complete Dentures Better than Implants?

A removable complete denture is an inexpensive but compromised solution in comparison to all-on-4 fixed full mouth rehabilitation procedure. In both, the cases biting and chewing is restored considerably.

Implant-supported dentures have longevity and can restore form and function optimally. The titanium Implant Bridgework, which can accommodate individual teeth on the framework is very aesthetic and quite functional too.

Full mouth dental implants is a common term, especially a very common keyword on google but it is a misnomer. A good implantologist will optimize the number of dental implants, not necessarily one implant for one tooth. This optimisation will not only minimise the cost but also reduce the load on the underlying bone.

The load on the jaws needs to be optimised as this will prevent resorption and increase the longevity of full mouth rehabilitation. Dental Implant manufacturers like Nobel  Biocare and Straumann Implants have concepts like all-on-4, which optimally restore both form and function. The load balancing of the prosthesis is guided by the angulation of dental implants.

How much does it cost to replace all your teeth?

Depending on factors which will be mentioned it would vary.

The factors are…

  1. Age of the patient
  2. Available Bone Condition
  3. Underlying Medical Conditions
  4. Choice of Dental Implant
  5. Choice of Rehabilitation Procedure – all-on-four, hybrid denture
  6. Choice of teeth ( ceramic, acrylic or dentures)

How many implants does it take to replace all your teeth?

In procedures like all-on-4, four dental implants per jaw are drilled at an angulation to balance the occlusal load. This can either accommodate a denture which is fixed on to the underlying implants or a TIB framework which can have individual teeth mounted on it.

In an all-on-6, six dental implants are drilled per jaw making it a total of 12 dental implants to restore a full mouth. In full mouth rehabilitation cases, either 10 to 12 teeth per jaw are recommended.

If the affected individual is young and the available bone is good we can also place more than 6 teeth per jaw or even individual implant per tooth but, it is better to optimise the number of dental implants.

Do dental implants last forever?

Yes, they do, but maintenance and good rehabilitation skills from the treating implantologist are vital for longevity. A full mouth rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary procedure where a periodontist, prosthodontist, implantologist, cosmetic dental surgeon and an oral surgeon have to come together to offer a unified and comprehensive solution which is very crucial for longevity.

At ALUX DENTAL our periodontist, prosthodontist and implantologist come together to offer comprehensive solutions which are minimally invasive and ensure longevity.

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