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Complete Dentures Treatment In Hyderabad – Complete dentures is a removable prosthesis used to replace all teeth in the jaw. They are also called Full Dentures or False teeth. A complete denture was the only solution for missing teeth yeas ago. Today with the advent of Implants and Implant Retained Overdenture complete dentures are no longer the first choice. They may be prescribed by your Dentist or Prosthodontist when no other treatment is feasible.

What are the consequences of tooth loss?

Tooth loss can lead to a lack of confidence in individuals and various other consequences. The two most important factors resulting from tooth loss are:

1) Due to chewing difficulties patients with no teeth or a few teeth tend to avoid fibrous and nutrient-packed foods and compensate this with carbohydrates leading to nutritional deficiency.

2) Facial aesthetics is compromised as loss of teeth can make facial muscles sag giving an older and sunken appearance to the face. The loss of teeth can cause poor quality of life.

How to choose the right denture?

There are many types of dentures available. Your Prosthodontist will do a detailed assessment and give you the best options

There are 4 types of dentures:

• Complete Dentures
• Partial dentures
• Immediate Dentures
• Implant-supported Dentures

1. Complete Dentures – Dentures are placed on a jaw which has no remaining teeth. It is usually made of acrylic(plastic). The upper dentures usually have a better fit than lower dentures.

2. Partial DenturesPartial dentures are given for the replacement of a few missing teeth.

Based on the materials there are three types of partial dentures:-

Metal Dentures: They are of superior strength and durability. These are thinner and cover lesser areas of the mouth making them easier to adjust and more hygienic. However, they are expensive.

Acrylic(Plastic) Dentures: These are rigid and have metal clasps(extensions) which rest on the natural teeth. They require meticulous maintenance.

Flexible Dentures: Dentures made from this material are thin, lightweight and resistant to fracture, they do not have any metal extensions thereby reducing the chances of damaging the existing teeth.

Immediate Denture: These are dentures which are given immediately after tooth removal. These dentures will require corrections as the underlying gums shrink and heal with time.

Implant – Supported Dentures: Dental implants or small screws that are similar to the roots of teeth are placed in the jaws and a denture is placed over them. These dentures provide the closest resemblance to natural teeth.

  • Once you have chosen your denture, it will require 5 steps wherein your dentist will record your oral dimensions starting with an impression.
  • Once you receive your dentures you may initially feel some inconvenience and will have difficulty in chewing and speech.

Getting adjusted to your new set of teeth requires patience and perseverance. It will take you a few weeks to a month to eventually get used to it. A regular check-up with your dentist is important during this phase.

ALUX DENTAL in Hyderabad is able to deliver all of the treatment procedures associated with dentures in one location without the need to visit multiple dentists and specialists. For more information book an appointment now and consult our Prosthodontist.

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