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Extraction of Teeth/Tooth or Wisdom Tooth Hyderabad – Pulling out tooth was one of the first dental treatments that came into being. Tooth pulling instruments dating back to ancient times have been discovered all around the world at various heritage sites.

tooth extraction hyderabad

In a time when sophisticated treatments did not exist, tooth pulling was the go-to solution in case of tooth pain. As the world progressed various methods were devised to halt the advancement of decay or infection. Today tooth extractions are in practice but only as a last resort when all else is bound to fail.

Why is the tooth extracted?

At ALUX DENTAL we believe in practising ethical dentistry. Extractions are only indicated when no other treatment prognosis is acceptable. A tooth is planned for extraction only under certain conditions, some are listed as follows.

  • Serial Extractions in children adolescents to make space and align permanent teeth as they erupt.
  • Over retained teeth or stubborn milk teeth that haven’t shed.
  • Internally resorbed teeth.
  • Therapeutic extractions that are required in orthodontic treatment to create space
  • In case of severe infection where a root canal treatment will not suffice.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that are stuck and unable to erupt or are difficult to maintain.
  • A tooth that is fractured vertically or a horizontal fracture of the root.
  • A tooth that has become loose and lost bone and gum support.
  • Extra teeth called supernumerary teeth.

Is Extraction painful?

Extractions at ALUX DENTAL are virtually painless. We use topical anaesthesia followed by local anaesthesia. Surgical extractions are carried out using piezosurgery.

The Acteon peizotome cube unit is a sophisticated technological advancement that we have installed at ALUX DENTAL which reduces pain, discomfort inflammation and healing time post-extraction. The use of a peizotome in this impactions preserves more bone compared to traditional rotary instruments, increases the precision of the surgical procedure and reduces the amount of time spent on the chair.

This tissue specific instrument can tell the difference between bone and soft tissue enabling the dentist to safely remove only tissues which are required. This unit also reduces the need for stitches post-procedure. Ergo extractions at ALUX DENTAL are ethical, quick and precise. Strict sterilisation protocols maintained at ALUX DENTAL reduce the possibility of complications providing you with a virtually pain-free experience.

What are the different types of extractions?

Extractions can be of two different types:

  • Simple extractions(Where bone and gums are not cut)
  • Surgical extractions (Your dentist may have to remove some amount of gum and bone to access the tooth)

How long does it take to recover from an extraction?

Depending on the type of extraction healing times differ from patient to patient. Extraction of an over-retained milk tooth may take a day or two to heal. Simple extractions may require 5 days or a week. A surgical extraction may require a weeks time for all discomfort to go away.

Tooth Extraction Cost Hyderabad?

The cost depends on several factors. There is no fixed price for this. Consult us to get to know the pricing details for Tooth extraction.

If you are looking out for tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal at Hyderabad you can give contact us here.

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