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Zygoma Implants Treatment in Hyderabad – Individuals with severely compromised maxillary bone and limited rehabilitation options are greatly benefited with zygoma implants. Zygoma implants came into existence in the year 1999 but were popularised in early 2007.

Zygoma Implants In Hyderabad

Zygoma implants are longer implants that are secured into the zygoma bone rather than the maxilla. The beauty of zygoma implants is that they can be immediately loaded reducing the time-to-teeth interval considerably.

Benefits of Zygoma Implants:

  1. Only treatment option in severe bone compromised conditions of the maxilla
  2. Graft free procedure ( no additional grafts required )
  3. Immediate load ( short time-to-teeth interval )
  4. Good prognosis
  5. Great bone support
  6. Good prosthetic load bearing ( connectors on which teeth are mounted are strong and big, allowing good load bearing capability )
  7. Treatment of choice if one has to avoid sinus lift procedure & failed graft procedures.

Are there any complications associated with zygoma implants?

Sinusitis is the most common complication with zygoma implants which is considerably reduced by immediately loading the implants. Other complications can be infraorbital nerve parasthesia, orosinus fistula and perforation of the orbit. However, all these complications can be avoided if an experienced dental implantologist approaches the treatment with ideal surgical protocols.

Are zygoma implants better than normal dental implants?

Zygoma implants are only recommended as an end of the line treatment after conventional dental implant procedures fail or in failed graft or maxillary resection cases. They cannot be used as substitutes to dental implants.

Where can I get zygoma dental implants in Hyderabad?

ALUX DENTAL in Hyderabad offers comprehensive dental rehabilitation procedures including zygoma implant surgery. The multidisciplinary practise helps in bringing a whole new dimension to treatment planning with optimised solutions. Our in-house oral surgeon, implantologist, prosthodontist and periodontist will come together to offer excellent solutions with high prognostic scores.

Cost of Zygoma Dental Implant in Hyderabad?

Zygoma Implant Surgery or Zygoma Dental Implant procedure is a full mouth rehabilitation treatment and the cost of zygoma dental implant will vary depending on the type of teeth given. If dentures are mounted on the implant it will be economical and if the implants are mounted with individual teeth on a titanium or nickel-chromium framework, the cost would be considerably high.

Is Zygoma Dental Implant Surgery painful?

No, local anaesthesia is used during zygoma implant surgery making it painless and comfortable.

What precautions need to be followed after zygoma dental treatment?

Most precautions would be the same as any surgical procedure i.e Its is recommended to avoid hot food, strenuous exercises, smoking, alcohol or severe breathing exercises. Analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications need to be taken as prescribed.

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