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Enamel Tooth Re-contouring Treatment In Hyderabad – Tooth contouring or Enameloplasty or Coronoplasty is a procedure where a tooth is contoured to the desired shape or form either for aesthetics or for function. It is a simple, conservative and effective solution for either achieving aesthetics or to correct occlusion.

Enamel Tooth Re-contouring Treatment

Sometimes tooth contouring can magically improve one’s smile and since the procedure doesn’t require any types of cement or dental materials it can be a very good economical option for improving one’s smile. But, it is very important to not reduce or trim the tooth up to the dentin which might lead to sensitivity issues.

Indications of tooth contouring:

1. Smile correction
2. Tooth shaping for correcting occlusion
3. Mildly malformed teeth
4. Orthodontics proximal slicing

Is enamel tooth re-contouring recommended in patients with very long teeth?

Tooth size and shape usually matches ones face, sometimes if the tooth size is slightly bigger coronoplasty is recommended only in permissible limits, but if the tooth or teeth are very big then the teeth may have to undergo intentional root canal treatment before placing veneers or crowns.

Where is tooth re-contouring done in Hyderabad?

Tooth re-contouring or Coronoplasty is frequently done at ALUX DENTAL Hyderabad to improve one’s smile (smile correction or smile designing).

Our prosthodontists, orthodontist and cosmetic dental surgeon also utilize coronoplasty to adjust one’s occlusion

Cost of enamel tooth re-contouring in Hyderabad?

The cost of coronoplasty can vary from case to case, condition to condition and depends on the tooth too. Coronoplasty can be used as a smile designing aid or as a part of smile designing treatment hence the cost of tooth re-contouring can be dynamic.

Why is enamel tooth re-contouring not recommended in some patients?

Patients with enamel defects and severe gastric regurgitation issues should avoid enamel tooth re-contouring as both these conditions have compromised enamel levels and re-contouring in such cases can lead to severe sensitivity issues and sometimes can lead to loss of vitality of tooth or teeth.

Can dentist reshape teeth or grind teeth?

Teeth can be reshaped to any desired shape and form but, there needs to be a thorough evaluation and comprehension of the implications. In severe cases an intentional root canal treatment is required to reshape a big tooth but, in mild to moderate cases enamel tooth re-contouring helps in reshaping the tooth to achieve optimum results.

In teeth grinding, major portion of a tooth is trimmed and a cap or a crown is required to prevent the tooth from being non-vital.

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