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GUM SURGERY Treatment Hyderabad – Gum disease can be a very hostile condition which if left untreated, can destroy the essential gum structures that shield teeth and maintain their attachment to the jaw. The final result can be loss of teeth which deteriorates both your health and appearance. Treating gum disease and ultimately restoring health and appearance of damaged gums and tooth-supporting bone requires meticulous treatment sometimes even surgical measures.

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Best Gum Surgery Treatment In Hyderabad

Why is gum surgery performed?

Gum surgery/Periodontal surgery was performed to moderately advanced disease.

Gum surgery is performed to regenerate lost bone and to help create a hospitable environment around the teeth and gums that makes it easier for maintenance of oral hygiene.

If the infection has caused deep periodontal pockets (5 mm or more) or has settled beyond the reach of scalers, then gum surgery may be needed to access, clean and repair the diseased areas.

Flap surgery is one type of procedure used to access the deeper pockets of infection and clean them. Regenerative techniques may also be needed to restore tissue and bone. This includes various bone grafts, gum grafts and membranes.

These procedures are performed with local anaesthesia. Special cleaning instructions will be given to protect the site from further infection, and any minor discomfort after the procedure can usually be managed with anti-inflammatory medication for a few days.

Will gum surgery restore my gum health?

Gum surgery halts the present progression of the disease and prevents further loss of the supporting structures of the tooth. Surgery alone isn’t a cure, the prospect for reoccurrence is always there. Proper oral hygiene and maintenance by both you and your dentist are essential for preventing this.

Gum surgery, then, should be considered as part of an overall strategy to stop periodontal (gum) disease’s unchecked advance so that healing can take place. This will allow you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, maybe even for life.

What are the recent advances in gum surgery?

With the advent of newer technologies in recent years, laser applications have been immensely used in the field of periodontics. Soft tissue lasers show great results compared to other traditional surgical options. Lasers provide us with the option of painless, sutureless procedures.

Bleeding, pain and swelling are limited because periodontal laser therapy is less invasive compared to regular surgery. We at ALUXDENTAL have the dual-wavelength Gemini soft tissue diode laser which has been approved by the FDA. It has a wide range of applications not only in periodontics but also in other fields of dentistry.

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