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Endodontics Treatment in Hyderabad – Endodontology or endodontics is a dental specialisation that deals with the treatment of vital tissue present inside the tooth, also known as Dental Pulp.

The Dental pulp is the soft tissue the is present underneath the hard enamel and dentin and is composed of nerve fibres, Blood vessels, lymphatic elements and stem cells.

Various conditions can cause damage to this oral and lead to severe pain. A Dental Pulp Infection that is irreversible requires endodontic procedures, most commonly Root canal treatment. To meet with an Endodontist you can book an appointment with ALUX DENTAL Hyderabad for Endodontic treatment and advise.

Who is an endodontist?

An Endodontist is a Dentist who specialises in the field of Endodontics or Endodontology. These Dentists are experts in performing Root Canal Treatments. General dentists also perform root canals however Endodontists are better able to deal with complicated, compromised or unusual cases.

Finding all the canals in a tooth and cleaning them is a challenging procedure that may lead to complications if not carried out properly. Endodontists are trained to locate the root canals in a tooth efficiently, Clean, shape and disinfect the canals adequately and fill the canal space with Gutta Percha without encroaching the Periodontal Ligament Fibre space at end of any Root Canal.

What Procedures do endodontists perform?

An endodontist will perform Endodontic surgical procedures such as Root canal treatment, dividing the tooth in half or Hemisection of a tooth, Root Amputation, Apicectomy, Re Root canal treatment, Microendodontics and various other procedures closely related to Dental Pulp and the Apical area of the root.

Endodontist in India specialises in Conservative dentistry and can restore decayed teeth. Onlays, Inlays and Overlay’s are their Forte. Invisible fillings on front or back teeth can also be performed by an Endodontist.

What is Micro-endodontics?

Micro-endodontics is the practice of performing Endodontic procedures with the help of a dental Microscope. This improves precision and efficiency during the procedure. Root canal anatomy is a complex system that branches into fine canals that need to be cleaned as part of a successful Root canal treatment.

The use of a Microscope allows the Endodontist to locate, clean and shape canals effortlessly. A Dental Operative Microscope allows magnification of up to x25 and provides high-intensity lighting.

What is Laser Endodontics?

Employing lasers during an Endodontic procedure is known as Laser Endodontics.

Lasers are used after removal of pulp tissue from a root canal to disinfect the canal chamber. Sterilization of root Canals is easily achieved with a laser.

In procedures such as Pulpotomy where a portion of the pulp tissue is removed can be performed with the help of lasers as this stops bleeding or causes Haemostasis much faster. The Gemini laser by Ultradent used at ALUX DENTAL is a tissue sensitive US FDA approved laser which delivers precise results.

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