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Gum Depigmentation Hyderabad – Gum depigmentation or gum resurfacing is a cosmetic dental procedure where the uppermost layer of gum is peeled surgically or by the help of a laser, inducing new growth. With the advent of lasers, gum depigmentation has become a non-invasive or minimally invasive procedure with limited or no downtime.

Gum Depigmentation

Diode lasers with an 810nm wavelength have been successfully used for gum depigmentation however the latest dual pulse lasers like Ultradent Gemini Laser is quite superior to most of the lasers as it minimizes any pigmentation induced due to heat.

Indications for Gum Depigmentation :

1. Pigmented gums or dark gums
2. Cosmetic Corrections

How can I whiten my gums?

Gums cannot be whitened per say but lightening or Depigmentation of gums is an in-office cosmetic dental treatment where a cosmetic dentist can use a laser to resurface the top layer of gum inducing neogenesis or new growth. The remodelled collagen can have lesser pigmentation hence a lightened look.

What is the cost of gum depigmentation in Hyderabad?

The cost of gum depigmentation depends on the extent of pigmentation and whether a laser is being used. Gum depigmentation is a procedure wherein a couple of sittings are required, spaced over three weeks and often the results achieved are transient.

Can gums be bleached?

Gums or gingiva as they are called should not be bleached.

Bleaching of gums with at-home recipes is a common practice which actually exasperates the concern than helping it. So, baking soda bleaches or DIY bleaches for gums should be totally avoided.

What is the best treatment for pigmented gums or dark gums?

Pigmented gums or pigmented skin is based on melanin content. Melanin is a dark pigment which protects one’s skin or collagen and also imparts a certain colour.

Mostly for cosmetic reasons or aesthetic reasons, gums are depigmented. A dual pulse laser-like Ultradent Gemini Laser can help a cosmetic dental surgeon achieve desired effects sooner than other lasers. The 810nm and 980nm dual wavelength of the diode are not only effective but also prevents heat-induced pigmentation.

Do dental clinics across Hyderabad offer gum depigmentation?

No, a good dental clinic in Hyderabad with advanced technologies like lasers can offer gum depigmentation. ALUX DENTAL with their cutting edge Ultradent Gemini Laser offers best gum depigmentation treatment in Hyderabad.

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