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Flexible partial denture Hyderabad – A flexible partial denture is a denture that replaces a few missing teeth and is made of a softer material than a regular denture making it more flexible.


Flexi Denture Hyderabad 

Why would a dentist recommend a flexible partial denture?

Loss of multiple teeth affects your overall oral health alongside your ability to smile with confidence. Also, the remaining teeth in your mouth are now jeopardised for two reasons.

Firstly, the remaining teeth will eventually begin to move out of their correct position, causing malocclusion.

Secondly, because the jawbone around the missing teeth area is no longer being stimulated it recedes leading to loose teeth.

What are the advantages of flexible partial denture?

For people who have multiple missing teeth, partial dentures are an economical, functional and popular option. Partial dentures include metal clasps and some patients are concerned about them being shown in their mouth.

Patients allergic to metal also reject regular partial dentures and are looking for a metal-free denture option. Flexible dentures are a metal free option with additional benefits.

The following are a list of benefits that come with choosing flexible partial dentures

#1 – They can appear natural

Patients nowadays are seeking the most natural-looking option when it comes to any dental treatment. It improves smile, boosts their confidence and restores function when no other treatment is feasible.

#2 – They are very comfortable to wear

Flexible partial dentures are custom-made for each patient, making for a comfortable fit. They are also light in weight and they blend in with the rest of the teeth.

#3 – They are strong and durable

Flexible partial dentures are made to be both strong and durable, and they hold up well every single day as people perform their everyday activities

#4 – They are easy to care for

Taking care of flexible partial dentures is similar to cleaning one’s natural teeth. You must rinse the dentures often and remove any food debris, and when they are not being worn, it is necessary to keep them hydrated in water or a special denture cleaner.

Is a flexible partial denture the right choice for you?

The above information helps you decide if flexible partial dentures are the right choice for you.

If you are missing multiple teeth and want to feel confident when you smile, know that the sooner you make your tooth replacement choice, the better.

The longer you wait or delay, the more difficult it will be to correct any oral problems caused by your missing teeth. As soon as you are ready to improve your oral health and smile, book an appointment at ALUX DENTAL and consult our Prosthodontist for the best solution.

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