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ALL-ON-FOUR DENTAL IMPLANTS Hyderabad – A procedure introduced by the people who invented dental implants, Nobel Biocare. A minimally invasive procedure which helps in restoring form and function. Since the surgical implant treatment requires only four dental implants to be screwed into the bone, the load on the bone is minimal which combats resorption issues arising from overload and the treatment is also cost-effective.

all on four implants in Hyderabad

All On Four Dental Implants – Hyderabad, How is it done?

Under local anaesthesia an implantologist or an oral surgeon will drill four dental implants into each jaw bone, two vertically parallel to each other and the other two at 30 to 45 degree into the bone. The angulated dental implants along with the strategically placed parallel implants balance the load, accommodating 10 to 12 teeth. Once osseointegrated ( fused to bone ) the implants are loaded with angulated and straight abutments which in turn accommodate the crowns.

Is an all-on-4 implant surgery a successful procedure?

Yes, it is a very popular and very successful procedure. The procedure requires one to follow stringent surgical protocols and since there are a lot of components involved, having knowledge of load distribution with the available possibilities is the key to successful all-on-4 implant treatment.

What is the cost of all-on-four dental implant surgery in Hyderabad?

The cost of all-on four implant surgery in Hyderabad totally depends on the type of dental implants, type of framework chosen to load those implants and the teeth chosen. All-on-four allows an implantologist to either load using a hybrid denture or creates a TIB framework to accommodate individual teeth, hence its a quite dynamic procedure.

Which clinic offers the best service for an all-on-four dental implant surgery in Hyderabad?

At ALUX DENTAL a periodontist, an implantologist and a prosthodontist come together to offer a comprehensive all-on four solution ensuring the best possible treatment with high prognostic scores. Any dental hospital with a multidisciplinary practice where different dental specialists come together can offer the best all-on-four dental implant surgery in Hyderabad.

Can an all-on-four dental implant treatment last for a lifetime?

If done judiciously with proper scientific knowledge, with an approach where all the periodontal aspects, occlusal load variables and maintenance aspects are ascertained, then an all-on-four dental implant surgery can last a lifetime.

Will an all-on-four dental implant surgery make me look natural?

Yes, the beauty of an all-on four dental implant surgery is that it establishes form, function and aesthetics in toto. Hence the teeth and the jawline will look pretty natural.

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