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Gingivectomy Hyderabad – Gingivectomy is a dental procedure wherein a part of the gum around the teeth is removed. It is performed by a Gum Specialist or Periodontist. It may also be referred to as Crown Lengthening Procedure (CLP) as removal of the gum increases the clinical crown length.

Why is Gingivectomy done?

There are many reasons to perform Gingivectomy or Gum Reshaping:

  • Gum disease: In gum diseases, the gums become swollen. So the Periodontist thins down or trims the gum to bring it down to the normal physiological level and to remove the pocket formed between the tooth and the gums.
  • Gummy smile: Some individuals may have less tooth display and more gum display. In such cases, the height of the visible tooth can be increased by removing or trimming a part of the gum, resulting in a smile with less of gum display. This type of Gingivectomy is mainly called Aesthetic Crown Lengthening, as it enhances the smile of the patient.
  • Enlargement: Any enlargements present around a single tooth or multiple teeth can be removed with Gingivectomy.
  • Crowns & Bridges: Gingivectomy may be required to increase the tooth display when crowns and bridges are delivered for aesthetic reasons. In such cases, Gingivectomy is done only around those teeth.


How is Gingivectomy done?

Gingivectomy or Gingivoplasty or Gum Reshaping is a surgical procedure, where the Periodontist after delivering local anesthesia assesses the amount of gum to be removed and then uses a surgical blade to strip the excess gum. The stripping is done until physiological contour of the gum is attained. The Periodontist then places a periodontal dressing on the raw surface to protect the wound surface from the external environment.

What to expect after Gingivectomy?

Pain killers and antibiotics are prescribed postoperatively. Mild pain and burning sensation can be expected following the procedure. The patient is usually called after 1 week to check the healing process. The treated gum surface appears to red in colour, indicative of the healing and influx of increased blood supply. After healing, cleaning becomes easy, as the physiological contours are maintained.

What are the recent advances in Gingivectomy?

The conventional method of using a surgical blade can be substituted for lasers. At Alux dental, Gemini dual-wavelength diode laser by Ultradent is being advocated. Its Unique features and tissue specificity make it highly effective and precise allowing rapid healing. Reduced pain and swelling are commonly observed with patients opting for laser Gingivectomy.

The Ultradent Gemini laser is absolutely safe and US FDA approved.

For advice and information on Gum reshaping or Gingivectomy procedures, you can consult your Periodontist.

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