10 Things We Do Every Day that Can Ruin Our Teeth


1. Biting nails, pencils, pens, bobby pins and toothpicks can actually be detrimental to enamel. Enamel can crack and splinter and in severe cases of nail biting, jaw pain and headaches are common.

2. Popping gummy vitamin capsules, especially the flavoured and sugary ones might be wreaking havoc on ones teeth.

3. Brushing immediately after a meal, especially after we eat or drink acidic food the ph of our mouth is more acidic which splinters the enamel on our teeth.

4. Scrubbing teeth too hard, this can be counter-intuitive wearing off ones teeth and receding gums.

5. Sipping on sparkling water and sodas, both carbonated water beverages and the sugary soda’s are acidic. Our enamel demineralises or cracks at a pH of 5.5. Repeated exposure of teeth to highly acidic substances can lead to severe tooth erosion.

6. Crunching on ice cubes, ice is an incredibly strong material. Chewing on it can lead to micro fracture lines within our teeth which with time will become sensitive, weaker and then fracture

7. Adding lemon or vinegar , though there is nothing wrong with adding occasional squeeze of lemon but

8. Storing a tooth brush in a closet or drawer, a wet brush can harbour more harmful bacteria. So an upright container where the brush bristles are open to dry freely in air is always advised

9. Using an alcohol based mouthwash, mostly all mouth washes are alcohol based where it is 99% weigth/volume alcohol. This will change the pH of saliva leading to calculus and deposit formation. It is also one of the reasons for bad breath

10. Smoking is bad for ones overall heath, including teeth

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