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Why replace your teeth? When you have a missing tooth or teeth, get it checked by a dentist and ask for replacement options that suit you the best. Not doing anything because you can still eat and smile is just not advisable. Teeth are designed to work together, losing one tooth impacts the overall mouth.

why replace your teeth

Appearance: Losing teeth and having gaps can change the way you look, over time you can have droopy lips and sunken cheeks.

This causes emotional stress because you are embarrassed. The truth is, It does not only cause a psychological impact, but it also creates some underlying problems that affect the rest of the teeth.

Malalignment: Replacing a missing tooth is important as it maintains the alignment of your teeth neatly in a row, if you have a gap, it’s a natural tendency for your teeth to drift and fill in this empty space. Your teeth hold each other together.

Once you loose one tooth the entire row is compromised and you end up with teeth that are slanting. This leads to more food lodgement as it becomes difficult to reach into these areas and clean. More food lodgement means more decay.

Deterioration: If you have lost a few teeth, you won’t be able to chew properly. You might give up on eating meat and food you love as it becomes uncomfortable and difficult to chew. The other teeth tends to bear the brunt of the missing tooth. A full set of healthy teeth helps you to chew better and most importantly lets you eat what you want.

We offer a number of options to replace missing teeth, from fixed bridge to dental implants. So call us and get a comprehensive consultation with our specialists who can help you choose what replacement options best fit your mouth. Don’t wait, now is the time to get a healthy and beautiful smile.

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