5 Ways to Correct Crossbite


Crossbite is frequent in both children and adults. You may be having trouble consuming food, or we will mention it to you during an inspection. No matter your age, there are various solutions for repairing a crossbite.

A crossbite is a tooth or teeth displacement in which one or more teeth are situated unevenly; they are nearer to the cheek or tongue than their optimal location.

Crossbites can make it difficult to eat and talk because the jaws do not close properly. The issue may even have psychological consequences and lead you to lose confidence.

  • It is critical to get treatment for this problem since failure to do so might result in abnormal jaw growth, eventually leading to one side of the jaw growing bigger.
  • This abnormal growth has an impact on your overall facial structure.

Crossbites, if left untreated, not only have a cosmetic influence on your smile but can also lead to severe dental complications. Alux Dental specializes in handling crossbite cases to the hilt.

Brushing and flossing the teeth and mouth are essential for the optimum effects during any therapy. Braces can make it difficult to maintain your teeth clean and healthy. We will advise you on how to combat decay.

Orthodontists can more readily modify the form and alignment of jawline and teeth when sufferers are young. Even in elderly individuals, braces or dental work can be useful in correcting slight misalignment. If the crossbite is significant, the patient may require jaw surgery.

We will propose a therapy according to your age, the reason, and the kind of crossbite.

Braces for Crossbite

Braces realign both upper and lower teeth, allowing the bite to be properly aligned. Braces are helpful to everyone, irrespective of the age of the patient.

Palatal Expansion Devices

If a tiny upper jaw that does not fit well with the lower jaw is producing crossbite, orthodontists can use palatal expanders to enhance the size of the upper jaw. Fixed expanders use a tool to progressively broaden the jaw. At night, removable expanders are worn.

Headgear for Crossbite

The headgear is attached to your head and face and uses wires to apply moderate pressure to your teeth. The stress on the teeth and jaw might cause the jaw to develop faster or slower. Children and teens are usually recommended headgear because their mouths are still developing and easy to adjust.

Tooth extraction and/or surgery

Before installing braces, the orthodontist may consider removing teeth to provide more room for shifting the bottom teeth back. Adult jaws are also more difficult to modify with non-invasive therapies, therefore we may recommend you for corrective surgery.

Restorative dentistry

Mild misalignment can also be improved by bonding, capping, and contouring teeth.

Crossbites should never be overlooked and should be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent further jaw and tooth damage. Maintain your dental hygiene practice while undergoing treatment by consulting with Alux Dental.

Bacteria that trigger tooth decay can grow in the crevices around the braces. Crossbites may only be fixed with the assistance of a dental specialist. If you are anxious about your crossbite or any other malocclusion, please Contact Us.

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