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BPS Dentures or Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures are a set of complete dentures which are functional and also provide comfort with good aesthetics.

Ideal candidates for BPS dentures:

If you want your dentures to look very natural and high on quality then you may ask your dentist about the BPS dentures. They are customized based on your facial profile and smile by using advanced instruments to record your facial details.

This results in recreating and incorporating all the natural features of your lips and muscles into your treatment. This data is then transferred to a certified lab technician who specializes in the fabrication of BPS dentures.

BPS Dentures

What You Should Expect:

  • Decreased irritation to gum thereby maximizing comfort
  • As the material is stronger than regular denture material this minimizes the chance of breakage
  • The surface of the denture is very smooth and high finish hence decreasing the chance for bacterial accumulation and bad breath.
  • Customized approach provides maximum fit of the denture.
  • Being able to eat a larger variety of food increases the quality of life nutritionally and emotionally.
  • Natural looking so you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence

Why choose BPS Dentures over Conventional Dentures:

As BPS dentures mimic the natural teeth to a larger degree, patients achieve chewing and speaking ability much easily and effectively. Patients can consume hard foods immediately after placement of the denture providing primary functions like chewing, eating, and speaking.

BPS dentures are made with high-quality teeth sets and built on a jaw simulator which makes this denture unmatched. They do not break easily as they are made with well-researched and approved dental materials.


ALUX dental provides all of the procedures involved with BPS dentures in one location without the need to visit multiple dentists and specialists. For more information on tooth replacement options and dentures options in Hyderabad, contact us or consult our Prosthodontist.

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